BMW Motorrad Spezial

The BMW R7 is an Art Deco treasure

Issue #3 of BMW Motorcycle Magazineshowcases the amazing R7 concept, describing it as “one of the most important, innovative and visually stunning motorcycles ever produced.” We agree.

Although this BMW is over 70 years old, it could almost be a contemporary concept. It was shelved as WWII approached, and put in a box. In 2005, that box was opened, and BMW Classic started the restoration.

For more information about the project, check out Phil Hawksley’s BM Bikes.


  • ana.l

    that is one sick bike LOVE IT

  • Michael Thomas

    I want one

  • Time for them to start manufacturing them.

  • viji

    wow ! what a bike?

  • Davis

    Pretty skimpy handlebars considering the gnarly looking side plates… sleek concept I guess.

  • Vulneratum

    I’d buy one!!!

  • masiah

    this guy was a genius!!

  • I’d like to place an order for one, please. :)

    • Hmm, yes … the first custom builder to create a respectful replica of this bike is going to make a lot of money, methinks.

  • Shoot-N-Ride

    GOTTA have it! That is so sick!!! The only fantasy that could top it would be Marilyn Monroe sitting on my lap right now, but only if the bike weren’t where I could get my hands on it!

  • Gena Riede

    Sweet looking bike!

  • Those guys at BMW really know how to build pretty motorcycles.

  • I started to save money to buy one .

    Where is the dealer locator on your site?

  • Dante


  • The R7 has always been one of my favorites. Something about design in the 30s. I guess that art deco / Buck Rogers thing does it. Too cool.

  • I seriously want that bike. Anybody want to buy me one?