Burt Munro Velocette

Burt Munro/Duncan Meikle special Velocette drag bikeA few hours ago, this skeletal, history-soaked drag racer went up for grabs at the Webb’s classic motorcycle auction in New Zealand. The Velocette was modified by Burt Munro and his mate Duncan Meikle: although Munro is obviously associated with Indians, he actually spent more time racing Velocettes. This bike sold for NZ$71,000 (US$37,500), a new record for an NZ motorcycle auction.

  • Being a kiwi I loved the Burt Munro story. My father can recall his exploits when he was younger. Interestingly the bikes in the movie ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’ were actually Ducati powered as you can see here

  • tim hanna

    This is not Burt Munro’s bike. As you note it belonged to his mate Duncan Meikle. Burt and Duncan both had these machines and modified them in very similar ways. Burts Velo was for a while the fastest in the land and probably the world but Duncan’s ended up going faster. About 140mph.
    It also set a national standing quarter mile record at thirteen and a bit seconds. If anyone really wants to know the exact time I could find out.
    When I wrote my biography on Burt I was unaware of this machine’s later race history or I would have included it in my book.

  • David Gearhart

    Odd to call it a “drag racer” with the knobby tires. but Burt and Duncan often raced on dirt, though not the “drag racing” as we know it!