1941 Harley Knucklehead

Harley-Davidson knucklehead
Jesse James gets a lot of flak these days. It never seems to be about the bikes any more, which is a shame, because the man knows his stuff. His customs aren’t usually to my taste, but he occasionally hits a home run. Like this Knuckle he created for Gilby Clarke (who spent three years as the rhythm guitarist of Guns N’ Roses). Gilby had been looking for a Knucklehead for a while, and West Coast Choppers had already built a ’65 Panhead motor for him. A new deal was done, and now Gilby rides this delicious ’41 Harley EL—still vintage in the overall look, but WCC in the finer details. At the front there’s a 21” rim, and at the back a 16”. WCC built the frame and springer fork to original specs, but the engine has been heavily modified: it’s boosted to 71 cubes, hooked up to a WCC exhaust system, and controlled by a custom-made jockey shift. Pretty sweet, don’t you think?

Harley-Davidson knucklehead
Harley-Davidson knucklehead

  • Don’t care about his personal life. The man is talented.

  • leston

    Very nice bike. more pictures anywhere>?

  • johnod

    The man builds nice bikes,his taste in women,,,, maybe not so good.

  • Jefferson

    Chopcult has a pretty good spread on it.

  • Yah, I could care less about his personal life, I just care about his bikes and this is a great bike. I’d ride that bike until it cried for forgiveness!

  • Great blend of old and new. Not too keen on suicide shifters though. Be a bit much to think about.

  • neuroboy

    is that *really* where you want the kickstand to be?

  • Vincent Le Fre

    Getting really bored of bikes like this now.

    Why is it that there are some people out there who clearly posess great skill in the fabrication and engineering of high quality parts and bodywork, not to mention have the money to invest in these projects, and the end product is as original as a coke can, and just as cheap looking.

  • tre

    am i wrong or does that not actually have a jockey shift like the post says?

  • tre

    oh nevermind i see it now, i was just starting to think maybe these pics didn’t match the post but i worked it out. that thing’s just really crammed on in there, seems awkward to get at

  • David Enfield

    Great shot of the key fob , message there ?

  • eBSaltLake

    “Great shot of the key fob , message there ?”

    I believe that’s what Jesse has tattooed on the palm of his right hand ‘o)

  • The knuckle/air cleaner combo is timeless. The slight overlap of the tank on the front head makes it even better.

  • Billdozer2

    Very nice bike. more pictures anywhere>?

    There are some more here:

  • righteous

    beautiful! just clean with attention to details, love it. to the guy who said he has no taste in woman: I think I heard he’s seeing kat von d now, and if thats true the man is a legend. I’d let that girl do unnatural things to me, and would love every bit of it. she’s even more gorgeous than this bike, if thats possible!

  • Jesse has great taste in ex-wives, and a huge talent for building bikes. This thing is flipping SWEET!

  • Anonymous

    I was starting to think that maybe these images are not responsible for the post, but it worked. what is really just crammed in there, it seems difficult to get the time

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