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1967 Velocette MSS

Velocette MSS with sidecar
The Venom is perhaps the first motorcycle that springs to mind when Velocette is mentioned, but this MSS has a certain style too. The MSS was launched in 1935, but WWII halted production and it wasn’t until 1954 that an updated, improved model reappeared. It was fitted with sidecar lugs, which this owner has taken advantage of, and was also offered with factory-fitted panniers. The MSS’ 499 cc, OHV air cooled single motor had good tuning potential—and it was this very potential that spurred the factory to offer the 1955 Venom as a factory-built high performance model. The lovely MSS pictured is for sale in Boston for $12,000, and has been with the same owner since 1972. The sidecar is not a factory fitment, but a Watsonian—a product with an equally enduring and esteemed history. [Thanks to Seth Goodling for spotting this one.]

  • robweeve

    the rear shock appears to be adjustable. is that for adjusting to road conditions?

  • Interesting, but a slight error…the MSS first introduced in 1935-1940, was made following WW2 until the end of 1948 when Veloce Ltd ceased production of all models except the 350cc MAC, 149cc LE and 348cc KTT racer.
    The MSS was as you correctly stated, re-introduced in 1954 as an alloy engine with “square” bore and stroke dimensions in a swinging arm frame, which continued until production of all Velocettes ceased in 1971.
    Vale Velocette…..
    A response to a previous comment on the adjustable rear suspension…. Phil Irving, the designer/engineer who worked for Velocette and Vincent filed a patent with Veloce Ltd during 1938.
    See the patent at…

    and the editor,Graham Walker of the now defunct UK paper “MotorCycling” wrote an article in the August 20th 1942 edition detailing the first description of the Velocette Adjustable rear suspension system which incorporates several extremely clever features….

  • Mingh

    again a real beauty! I’m developing a weak spot for Velocettes.

  • Sean Daw

    brilliant ‘British motor bicycle’ as the ad states. And it is

  • stewey

    I am the owner I have owned 2 Velocette combinations, both MSS with Watsonian Flight sidecar.

    On Feb 18, 1968 I rode the first one to the Polar Bear motorcycle rally in Sterling MA. A friend and I traveled a bit over 100 miles on a day that started at 2 degrees farenheit. It was a awonderful day, we went to the top of Mt Watchusetts in 6 inches of snow. The solo bikes did as well as the sidecars.

    [email protected] will contact me.

  • David Enfield

    There were bigger , faster bikes but Velocette was a class above . We all admired them , look at the way it stands , perfect .