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1971 Moto Guzzi Ambassador

1971 Moto Guzzi Ambassador
I can never get enough of the Moto Guzzi V7 Ambassador. Low, wide and impeccably styled, it was launched at the end of the 60s and aimed at the US market, as an alternative to home-grown V-twins. According to owner John Kane, this particular machine “was imported with a bunch of New Haven police bikes in 1971. It was the personal bike of the importer, and I was told his brother ordered one as well.” Kane is a serious bike nut: at one time, his stable included two Norton Commandos, a red Moto Guzzi V50 III and a white Le Mans III. He bought the 750 cc Ambassador over 22 years ago on the cheap, and cleaned it up a bit. But he’s never had the heads off or needed to do much to it. “It’s up to about 35,000 miles and during decent weather is a very handy daily driver,” says Kane. “After many great motorcycles in my collection over the years, this is the one I married.”

  • Heyyyyy Johnnnnny! There ya go buddy! Beautiful as ever and she deserves this coverage too! If I ever get up to The States during good riding weather again; we will have to go for a ride. I’ll give you another “Did you just pop a wheelie on a Beemer?” moment. Ha, ha, ha! Tchao!

  • Garry O’Shea

    This was the bike that first made me look at Guzzis. I bought the first California III to come to Australia. It was the bike ‘Two Wheels’ did the road test on. I have been riding it now for twenty one years with about 180,000 Ks on it. A great bike.

  • john bazeley

    had mine for 23 years and it still puts a big grin on my face every time I ride the big girl she sings italian love songs to me,,,she”s”My Bootana”