1978 Suzuki RG500 Mk3

Barry Sheene Suzuki RG500The crackling, popping and smoking square-four Suzuki RG500 race bike was made famous by Barry Sheene and Steve Parrish, who used it in their battle against Kenny Roberts‘ Yamaha. There’s a pristine example on display in the brilliant Vrrooom Motor Bike Design exhibition at Kunst Industri Museet, the Danish Museum of Art & Design. The show runs until 15 March, so there’s still time to book your airfare to Copenhagen.

  • Hannu Salakka

    I have also Suzuki RG500 mk3, do you have a new or used spare parts for sale for the engine, I have also a bit new and used parts for MK3 and mk4-6.

    best regards,
    Hannu Salakka from Finland

  • Eddy

    @ Hannu Salakka,

    I have some spare parts for the Suzuki RG500 MK4. Please send me a message to edzooi@home.nl. I want to buy or swap parts.

    Regards, Eddy Kuipers