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2008 Aprilia Mana X concept

2008 Aprilia Mana X Concept
Most road tests of the automatic Aprilia Mana 850 are very positive, but some writers have questioned the styling of the standard bike. At the 2008 EICMA show in Milan, Aprilia responded with the Mana X concept. The bike has a new swingarm suspension, wider tires, a new headlight assembly and a motocross-style seat.

  • Initially I thought the Mana X looked too much like a toy, but the design has grown on me slightly. I doubt I’d ever want something this rugged though.

  • Ken

    Its almost 2011 and I’m just seeing it for the first time. I want this! I don’t care if its an automatic or not. Throw on blinkers and a plate and lets go!