AJS based its evergreen 16 350 cc single on a WW2 Matchless military motorcycle. When motorcycle trials gained popularity, the reliable and economical AJS proved ideal. The 16MC (‘C’ for competition) was tweaked by AJS to suit the sport: it was given a welded duplex tubular frame, and a raised exhaust and footrests to improve ground clearance. Hugh Viney, one of the sporting stars of the day, set a record by riding the 16MC to victory in the Scottish Six Days Trial three years in a row, from 1947 to 1949.

  • Wonderful bike. I wanna to buy such a bike … Rather everybody will desire it.

  • JS

    To me it is about the engine. The bike is so stripped down there is not much else to admire. Good thing the engine resounds with character.

  • Ben

    There is beauty in simplicity. The frame design is killer…glad It’s not cluttered up with none-sense.