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1949 AJS 18

AJS 18 classic motorcycle
There’s something to be said for a simple, classic British thumper, and they don’t get much simpler than this. It’s a 1949 AJS 18, sent in by Vincent from the Southsiders MC. The 498cc four-stroke thumper was one of the last big-selling British singles before the industry turned to twins, but the AJS 18 was actually designed before WW2—so it was three decades old by the time production stopped in 1966. This particular model belongs to Polo Garat, a well-known photographer from the Basque country; the guys shot it during a recent weekend while crossing over the beautiful Pyrenean mountains. The bike has been stored in a barn for the past ten years, but was ridden daily in the 80s and 90s—and wheeled out for longer travels too, despite the rigid rear end. I can just imagine this one putt-putting leisurely over the hills, and then parked up in front of a café in an ancient town square. Have a great weekend. [Thanks to Vincent Prat.]

AJS 18 classic motorcycle
AJS 18 classic motorcycle
AJS 18 classic motorcycle
AJS 18 classic motorcycle

  • WRXr

    While certainly no beauty, this “girl next door” certainly has her own charms.

  • Nice bike, but the description is wrong. The “s” means Springer, ie rear swing arm.

  • YJH

    woops, too average and very boring

  • Bok

    Lovely bike. Whip that rear seat off and looks will improve drastically.

  • Stu

    I had forgotten about the 500 AJS Nelson my brother had in the mid sixties. This one is a real charmer.