Aurum MV Agusta F4

Gold-plated MV AgustaThe MV Agusta F4 is a pretty good motorcycle: some reckon it’s the most beautiful bike ever made. But human nature being what it is, someone will try to improve it. The guilty party here is an Italian company called Aurum, which has covered a perfectly good F4 with 24kt gold leaf. We’d love to know what Massimo Tamburini, designer of the F4, thinks of this. If you’re going to spend silly money on an MV Agusta, you’re better off tracking down an F4CC “Claudio Castiglioni”. It’ll cost $120,000, but at least they’re only making a hundred of them.

  • PeteP

    Ewww. Remember that bike that was covered with Swarovski crystals? This is just as bad.

  • georgie

    grossly inappropriate and crass.

  • vernon marsh

    Not my cup of tea but it’s just a motorcycle after all. He could cover it with shelf paper and bottle caps for all I care.

  • drew

    What’s so inappropriate about it? The bike is already sold on virtue of exclusivity. If you only cared about performance you’d be spending a lot less on a cheaper bike.

    Besides, this is frankly no different than a new paint job, and only a slightly pricey one at that, especially given that gold leaf, even 24karat doesn’t actually cost that much ($43-$44 a gram). To put that in perspective 1000 sheets of 4in x 4in 24karat gold leaf should weigh about 20grams. That’s probably about $200 and 4grams in gold on that bike.

    If it helps everyone get over their silly preconceived notions and just accept it as just another paint job you don’t really favor, think of it as really, really shiny yellow.

  • It will protect the paint job underneath..personally I would have used clear coat.

  • awww…RUINED!

  • KIK

    ? seriously why take a perfectly good bike and gold leaf it? poser mobile ..

  • drew

    Why not gold leaf a perfectly good motorcycle if that’s what you like? The bike’s stats are only… oh wait, completely unaffected.

    Factory paint isn’t infallible, and at least to me, individuality is a large enough part of motorcycling that I have to respect anything I’ve only seen one of, and am still inclined to respect anything aftermarket on the sole basis that the rider has made it their own.

    Why take a perfectly good bike and paint it any color? Why put a chrome pipe on? Why switch out the plastics? Why the hell not? We’re not sheep, we’re not posers. We’re riders, and if everyone liked the same thing, well, nobody wants that.