David Edwards

Despite his journalism professors’ pleas to write about something – anything – besides motorcycles, David graduated from the University of North Texas. Soon after, he took a job at Cycle News. Eleven months later, Cycle World came calling. Within four years he was promoted to editor-in-chief, a position he would hold for the next 21 years.

Under Edwards’ leadership, Cycle World became the largest-circulation motorcycle monthly in the world and transitioned to a multi-platform media source. Along the way, he’s ridden everything from 49cc tiddlers to Wayne Rainey’s fearsome YZ500R racebike. He’s toured through 23 countries, including a memorable trek across Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. He’s ridden 1000 miles in a day – and has the Iron Butt certificate to prove it – while his shortest ride lasted just a few seconds and ended 300 feet up the Widowmaker Hillclimb.

An eclectic collector, David’s fleet ranges from a customized Yamaha Warrior cruiser to a Dresda Triumph café-racer to a 1940 Indian Sport Scout bob-job. Currently, Edwards is editor-in-chief of BikeCraft magazine. He is also a consultant for the Bonhams auction house, and runs Moto Viejo, an online consignment service for parts, literature and collectibles.

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  • Mule Triumph Café Roadster

    Mule Triumph Café Roadster

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Man does not live by street-tracker alone, tasty as that diet may be. Even Richard Pollock, acknowledged Tracker King (he’s built more than 100 to date), likes to cook up something different every now and then. The latest Triumph special to roll out of his… Read more »

  • Triumph x Mule Motorcycles

    Triumph x Mule Motorcycles

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Triumph’s new Bonneville is fast becoming a go-to choice for custom-bike builders who want to start with a reliable current machine, rather than scour junkyards for clanky old donors. The resurrected retrobike has been around long enough now: used examples are affordable, the simple air/oil-cooled… Read more »

  • Triumph Catalina Scrambler

    Triumph Catalina Scrambler

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,,

    It was a problem of Robert Jordan’s own making, and it smacked him upside the head every time he ventured into his garage. There sat a perfectly restored 1960s Triumph 650 desert sled, looking like it just came out of Steve McQueen’s garage. Right next… Read more »

  • Harley Sportster by Asterisk

    Harley Sportster by Asterisk

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,,

    There may be better cures for jetlag…then again, maybe not. Hideki Hoshikawa had flown over from Japan with his latest build in the airplane’s cargo bay, clearing customs in Los Angeles just in time for the big L.A. Calendar Bike Show, where the Sportster-based “Avanzare”… Read more »

  • Mule Yamaha XS Street Tracker

    Mule Yamaha XS Street Tracker

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,,

    So this is what happens when two old surf dudes get together. Richard Pollock, our favorite street-tracker builder, was a semi-pro surfer in his youth. Motocross was a way to pass time when the waves were flat, which led to a gig as a bike… Read more »

  • Shinya Kimura’s Cafe Sportster

    Shinya Kimura’s Cafe Sportster

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,,

    There’s a certain blacksmith shop feel to Shinya Kimura’s motorcycles, and I mean that in a good way. Looking at the bare aluminum bodywork of his latest creation, this cafe Harley Sportster, you get a sense of the heat and noise and sweat—the sheer effort… Read more »

  • Mule Triumph Bonneville

    Mule Triumph Bonneville

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Sometimes even a man of the cloth needs a little earthly diversion. So it was with Father Dave Reinhart, a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force, recently returned from a posting in Iraq. He contacted Richard Pollock at Mule Motorcycles about modifying his 2006 Triumph… Read more »

  • Indian 4 “Renegade” Custom

    Indian 4 “Renegade” Custom

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,

    By David Edwards—Indian aficionados, especially those of the 100-point concours persuasion, may want to click away from this page quick as you can—or at the very least up your heart meds. Shown here is either straight-to-hell blasphemy on two wheels or a pretty cool piece,… Read more »

  • Triumph Bonneville T100 by Mule

    Triumph Bonneville T100 by Mule

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Richard Pollock is having good problems. Demand for his Mule street-trackers is running ahead of supply, so much so that customers are now buying his personal motorcycles out from underneath him! Actually, even Pollock’s own bikes are work-related. This 2007 Triumph Bonneville T100 that he… Read more »

  • Honda CR500 by Boyko Racing

    Honda CR500 by Boyko Racing

  • Harley cafe racer: the Harleyton 45

    Harley cafe racer: the Harleyton 45

  • Kraus Motor Co. “Achuma” Shovelhead

    Kraus Motor Co. “Achuma” Shovelhead

  • David Edwards Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Named after a South American cactus known for its hallucinogenic properties, “Achuma” is part old Harley and part motocrosser, a Shovelhead-powered streetfighter that’s got a style all its own. There’s even a built-in skidplate for inner-city curb jumping! “Yeah, I don’t look too hard at… Read more »