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Dutch von Shed

Anthony 'Dutch' van Someren runs the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, or BSMC, an online magazine celebrating the new wave cafe racer & brat style creative custom culture.
Dutch is a well travelled Brit in London who has been riding bikes for last 28 years. As a Creative Director & Brand Strategist he started his career in MTV in the very early 1990s, going on to work for the Extreme Sports Channel, Bravo TV, Trouble, Challenge, Cartoon Network and even the BBC—before ending up in publishing at HarperCollins and on into Media Agency consultancy. But his passion remained with bikes and bike culture and he's never been without a bike or two.
Dutch's mission is twofold—to help bring the custom creative niche out of its silos and into a more cooperative, welcoming and inclusive scene, and to create a permanent London venue for the Bike Shed as a place for hanging out, events and much more, for those with and without a bike license.
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