The new ICON 1000 Fairlady Jacket

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Barber Motorcycle MuseumWant to see 1,100 motorcycles from over 140 manufacturers? Head to the extraordinary Barber museum in Birmingham, Alabama. Just $15 gives you access to five floors and 80,000 square feet of motorcycling nirvana. We’re planning our trip already.

  • Is that The Stig playing the Grand on the ground floor?

    • Well spotted! Apparently there are eight Stigs … this would explain it.

  • Scarcat

    Acually, it’s Mr. Barber’s 70s Lotus racing suit and Helmet. Here’s a short video of the Barber I shot in October ’08:

  • The flickr link mentioned doesn’t seem to be available anymore… I took a couple photos last year when I went to Barber for the first time. Currently on a 3500+ mile motorcycle trip from Vermont south & went to the vintage festival at Barber last weekend… AMAZING! I’ll post up some more pix (fewer, to be sure) when I get home.