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S&S 50th Anniversary star: The Bennett’s Performance G1

Bennett’s Performance G1 custom motorcycle built for the S&S Anniversary
By guest writer Scott of Pipeburn. Bennett’s Performance aren’t known to build a lot of motorcycles. They usually spend their days building really fast engines and high performance parts, and custom tuning. But they are known to enjoy racing, especially at the drag strip and at Bonneville—which is where this bike comes in.

Named the Bennett’s Performance G1, it was originally built for the S&S 50th Anniversary. After getting over the shock of being asked to build a bike for S&S, Bennett’s quickly moved on and decided to make something to their own taste. Which would be primarily … fast.

At first glance this bike does indeed look fast, but it’s the attention to detail that makes it more than just another drag bike. Bennett’s started with a Kenny Boyce Pro Street frame; it was from a custom bike they had built in 1998 but hadn’t ridden in years. At the rear they used a Chopper Guys swingarm plus rear suspension from Works Performance. They then added a D&D aluminum gas tank. The eye-catching front forks are shaped like an airplane wing, which helps the bike cut through the air with less drag. (The bike’s main aim is to hit the 200mph mark, so every piece of aerodynamics helps.)

The main piece that reduces drag is obviously that beautiful fairing, reminiscent of the spectacular Cole Foster Moon Rocket. LA Choprods built the seat to look good, and more importantly, to hold Eric Bennett in place when he rides this 124 cubic-inch beast on the Bonneville Salt Lake at supersonic speeds.

Photo by Michael Lichter.