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Big Moon Yamaha XS650

Custom Yamaha XS650 street tracker
Big Moon’s Yamaha SR400 wowed us a couple of months ago, but the guys at the Okayama-based shop have just gone one better. This street tracker based on Yamaha’s iconic XS650 is just perfect, from the curve of the bars to the tiny low-set indicators, and the seat sitting just inside the frame at the rear. There’s no sign of full specs, but we suspect that bhp has been raised from the usual mid-50s. If you added disc brakes and a mini-fender to the front, it’d make the ideal commuter bike. [Via Speed Junkies.]

See also: the Yamaha SR500 tracker shot by Randall Cordero.

  • JR

    Love these bikes! Can’t wait to get going on an XS650 project of my own.

  • Said once, I’ll say again: “That green tank … cherry on top!”

  • exzone2

    Good God from almighty,would you please bless me with a fine creature like this,I know you must have helped the engineers on design,so,if you could, would would you pull some strings??????……p.s. please if I’m not asking for to much can I have the pretty green too!!!!

  • Andres

    Where did the tank come from?