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The Borsalino Bimotas

Bimota Borsalino limited edition motorcycle
One of the most unusual brand associations in the motorcycling industry is that of Bimota and Borsalino. Every now and then, the boutique motorcycle maker hooks up with the Milan-based hatmaker, founded in 1857, to create a limited edition motorcycle. (The European equivalent of a Neiman Marcus model, if you like.) The machine above is a Ducati 1078-engined DB6 Delirio in a rather unflattering lawnmower-inspired livery, with Borsalino branding. The DB5 Borsalino is a more successful, with a low-key anthracite paintjob. We’d still rather have the delicious 1976 HDB1 racer though: engineering always triumphs over marketing.

  • Swagger

    Ya know, I think you’re too hard on the color scheme, speaking for myself…it caught my eye because it was unusual.

  • bob

    And heck, even with the weird ‘earth-tone’ paint scheme, that’s still a GREAT looking bike!!!

  • Scott

    I think it’s got a nice desert military look to it.

  • earthling

    We are not astronauts and these things we ride are not spaceships. More motorcycles that look like motorcycles please. This looks a toy a 12 year old boy would own.

  • I like it. Even the GIJoe paintjob.

  • Swagger

    Call me Major Tom, this bike is just plain cool!

  • earthling

    Sorry guys I was being a grump yesterday. If it works for you then more power to ya. I think to be complete though, when you press the horn button it should go “Pew Pew Pew!!!”

  • Too desert storm for me. Proof that money can’t buy taste

  • Bob

    Hey Earthling- no prob on being a grump.. who isn’t some days –
    But one question for you: you DON’T pretend your motorcycle is a spaceship??
    WTF? Hahaha!
    Also – I like your comment about the horn – but I’d rather have the bike tuned to sound like a tie-fighter! Yeah!