BMW R100 race replica

BMW R100 custom by Ritmo Sereno
Three years ago, Ritmo Sereno of Tokyo produced a stunning orange BMW R80 track bike—the highly successful ‘Nakajima’ racer. Now a Ritmo customer has commissioned a road-going version—and this is it. It’s based on a 1991 R100 RS, but many of the other details are close to the track machine.

The suspension is Öhlins front and back, the brake system is from Brembo and carburetion is Keihin FCR. Ritmo has paid a lot of attention to weight, so the 230kg-or-so of the stock machine has been reduced to a gossamer 175kg. (The battery holder, oil catch tank and the frame from the engine backwards are handmade in lightweight aluminium alloy.) Power is now around 80bhp at the back wheel, helped by a custom-made 2-into-1 exhaust system routed through a modified center stand.

Ritmo has documented the entire build on its website—the link is here (via Google Translate). The level of craftsmanship is extraordinary, but if the authentic orange paint job is a little too garish for you, check out the original and (equally illustrious) Nakajima racer, a lovely blue R90/6. Is there a better custom BMW builder in the world today?

BMW R100 custom by Ritmo Sereno
BMW R100 custom by Ritmo Sereno
BMW R100 custom by Ritmo Sereno
BMW R100 custom by Ritmo Sereno

  • Rex Havoc

    Q: “Is there a better custom BMW builder in the world today?”
    A: No

  • That bike has to be about the best looking Beem ever built for sure! Oh yea!

  • Mule

    Please paint the inside of the fairing though!

  • Absolute beauty.

  • Mack-o-matik

    Beautyful, I just don’t get the thing with the different wheel designs. I could imagine some spoke wheels there. But hey, who cares… anyone who likes two wheels would ride that beauty as is.

  • Fleadip

    “if the authentic orange…is ..too garish…”
    Are you kidding? The BMW Daytona Orange R90S is the most beautiful stock motorcycle ever made.

  • Matthew

    Simply AMAZING!! Love it!

  • Whoops… Something funny just happened… down below…

  • Aaron Burke

    If imitation is the best form of flattery, then i want to build a copy of this right now! How to take the fine looks of a R90S and make them fine art.

    Mule, paint the inside of the fairing and add weight? No, gotta love their singular vision on this one this one.

    And congrats to BikeExif, this find just blows me away. A great looking airhead with great shots.

  • Ben-Bot


  • Al

    I have a 100RS ‘slightly modified’ and done 300.000km on a 75/5 and really know what an awesome job he has done perfecting that BM.

  • no

    Very cool. Since you’re praising the attention to detail I don’t feel too picky about mentioning this: he could have sanded the inside of the bikini fairing. That’s the side the rider sees all day.

  • mingh

    Waht a hot bike. Seems like the got some inspiration from the Laverda 750 SFC.

  • YJH

    There is so much savoir-faire, so much culture and so much talent in this project as in all of Ritmo Sereno. Let’s wish they’ll be invited in Munich asap for an AD input. Congratulations to all and to you Chris for promoting these Japanese Masters of Style (Heroes indeed).

  • NoH2Oh

    Wow, that is nice. I like the unfinished look of the fairing, but would much rather see this bike with wire wheels and alloy rims/hubs.

    As stated before, might just be the best stock paint design ever applied to a motorcycle. GS1000S is not too far behind, though in a different way.

  • David Enfield

    Looks a bit loose to me

  • Really a gorgeous motorcycle. Edging towards too flashy but just understated enough to pull it off magnificently. This IS art!

  • WRXr

    Some Observations:

    1. Very beautiful.

    2. Glad they saw the exhaust system as an opportunity to do something special and not just “cut it off”, or stick a megaphone back there.

    3. When David Enfield says a “A Bit Loose”, I would have to agree but only on one point: The wiring and fuel routing. There are tubes and wires everywhere around the engine. Surely this can be tidied up.

    4. I would not have thought the large /5 tank would look so good or sporty…but it does.

    5. Apparently, no, there is not a better BMW customizer out there.

  • Sam Jones

    ..I just shit myself..! This beauty belongs in a museum.

  • Chunkyrider

    This is awsome. I was just flitting about the net trying to find ways of using my old R100 to make a sort of cafe version of the r1200s. After seeing this I think I’ll just leave it to the pros.

  • The engine work on this thing is spectacular. The lightening work is also spectacular, but its the work on the toaster that got me. Expensive job, but worth it. I’d race it.

  • dimiG

    Amazing, one of their best jobs! and that is saying something! Rimto has got to be the best BMW/Guzzi guy out there. just take a look at the V7 also!

    i have ti agree that the electrics, battery and starter are a bit exposed for my liking, put the standard caps back on :)

    also, maybe some wire wheels!

  • Ricky Decastro

    Ritmo!!! you have done it!!! something to dream about for next year…
    Simply the Best…
    Luv the
    Daytona Orange paint job

  • and there’s more!!!