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BMW R60/5 custom

BMW R60/5 custom
I’ve always had a soft spot for 1970s BMWs, but I haven’t seen anything quite like this slash-five before. It’s owned by Frenchman Gaëtan Pillaud, and he calls it a ‘Clubber’—a mix between a clubman and a bobber. The bike started life as a 1973 R60/5, which means it has an aircooled 599cc boxer twin motor, shaft drive, and a kickstart mounted on the back of the gearbox. It’s got a Trackmaster tank and seat sourced from eBay, military-spec Firestone ANS tires, and café racer clip-on bars from LSL. Gaëtan dropped the forks at the front to improve the bike’s stance, and fitted custom shocks to keep the back end under control. The alloy rear fender was made by French motorcycle legend George Martin, and the exhaust is an authentic Dunstall. If the headlight, almost dwarfed on this bike, looks familiar, that’s because it’s from an AMF-era Harley shovel. Even the wiring harness has received attention—it’s sheathed in woven cotton in true vintage style. It’s a little rough around the edges, but this Beemer has a strange charm all of its own—the perfect machine for a spirited blast down a winding road in the Pyrenées. [Via Ze Last Chance Garage.]

BMW R60/5 custom
BMW R60/5 custom
BMW R60/5 custom

  • iRivas

    That has to be one of the coolest engines I’ve ever seen on a bike. I love the simplicity of this bike. Clean vintage look.

  • T-Bone Bloss

    Absolute beauty.

  • Ross Richards

    That is one ugly bike… But it’s ugly in the sort of way that you just can’t keep your eyes off of it. Cool find.

  • Tropical Ice Cube

    These guys have more under the bonnet than you’d believe: have a look at this one. Way off the beaten custom track, I’d say.

  • Diaz

    Nice lines on this. Just not keen on the engine, it’s at odds with the balanced frame (and I can’t get over the silly long HT leads). Just imagining a british twin in that space…

  • Al

    Very interesting style…suits it…who needs indicators, a speedo, a front mudguard or a tidy bike all around.
    My 75/5 is even rougher around the edges but the feeling when you are riding it counts and of course the fun building a custom.
    Very creative.

  • joe momma

    ….minimalist moto pickle…..what’s not to like(generally i equate these early boxers with battery acid enema)…..oh crap……was i allowed to comment on this……?????

  • Thom

    I never understand the collective animosity towards beemer engines. Those oddball horizontal twins are pure bikesexy to me, but I’m biased I guess: all my happiest memories on a bike involve flicking a supposedly unflickable /2 around back roads of western massachusetts; the most miserable memories involve everything else breaking down at some inopportune moment.

  • shineybike

    I was in Paris some time ago and saw so many really cool bobbed BMWs.
    Its been a while since I have seen another. We just dont get them in UK.
    This one looks so right. The more I look the more details spring out . It all looks so simple but its clever and right.
    i am new to this blog. Thanks for what you are doing.

  • Adam Aldum


    Lovely little bike, Its just what it is and nothing more. Pure biking pleasure!


  • KIK

    it has the look of a vintage airplane, i like it a lot.

  • Mule

    This bike is pure bikesexy? I like the front hub. Bin the rest of it. I like old Beemers a lot usually.

  • Kent

    Usually I think that custom BMWs are ass-ugly.

    This one is different. I don’t love it, but it’s *much* better than most custom BMWs.

    Glad it’s not a hardtail; you can’t make one look good with that motor & shaft drive.

  • Byron Fry

    The R60/5 is a beautiful motorcycle to ride. The 600cc engine is so incredibly balanced and very smooth. My girlfriend rides one and I hop on it whenever I get the chance.

    I’ve got an R90/6 and I love those bars, just can’t seems to find them on the LSL website or it’s clubman counterpart. Anyone have an idea on where I could find them, they are exactly what I have been looking for.

  • joe momma

    …thom….i have worked on these thangs….taking off fender and swing arm on some to change battery is insanity…..insulted my delicate sensibilties….

  • bmwtech

    If you are taking off the swingarm OR the fender to remove the battery on *any* BMW motorcycle, I assure you that you are most definitely doing it wrong.

  • db

    Should have called it a ‘Clobber’!

  • Al

    “…battery acid enema.”…electro starter out…kickstarter…only… way to go.

  • mack-o-matik

    jawohl, THAT’s a dreambike – veeery tasteful and classy, lodda metal and quite not perfect enough just to figure out some onetwo little things to modify… this bike makes me dream. Thumbs up!

  • el vencejo

    @ Byron Fry:

    The guy used LSL clamps, which have removable bars, and used bent steel rather than straight aluminium as replacement bars.
    Most clip-ons for race bikes allow a change of bar.

  • el vencejo

    Try this guy for clip-ons and lots more café-racer parts:

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    I appreciate the unique approach, but I disagree with the word “custom”. To me, a bike with rusted intake runners, rusted joints on a set of used headers/pipes and a paint job from the school of haphazard is not a custom, it is an unfinished project. I’ve got 4 such projects in my backyard right now, and I generally keep the tarps over them unless I am actually working on them. It’s not time for a photoshoot or calling them finished just because they can be fired up and ridden.

    The “custom” rear shocks, like a few other parts mentioned, are OEM Harley units, probably off a late model Dyna series from the looks of it.

    Given a little more munnay and a lot more effoorrt an this would be a looker.

  • Bravo Gaetan and Seb, you’ve managed to give these sad cops motorcycles a maxxxi fun look!
    C’mon South next spring for a wild ride !i

  • kevin

    amazing bike its so nice to see real bikes that are not so shiny

  • wow what an awesome BMW. I really like the flow of the bike, especially the mirror placement. very unique and tidy, I’ve never seen anything like that before.

  • joe momma

    ….the ones i worked on had already been well used and worked on before many times by whom???….maybe wrong batt or whatever but i know one needed fender, seat, wheel (i misspoke, not swingarm)… was a nightmare i endeavor to forget…….the swingarm was a diffo nightmare……by the way, since it is common knowledge that you don’t have to work on beemers….wouldn’t that make me and the tech gold brickers or a least easter bunny/tooth fairy charactors…..??

  • Dirk

    Another stunning beemer, it says vintage all over for me! Would cruise around on that with a big fat smile on my face all day long.

  • Thom

    @joe momma – Point taken. The /5s are different for sure. The /2s have too much spare space, so it’s easy to pop the battery out. Also easy to forget to put the battery back in, and then ride it for a few weeks & notice that something’s missing.

  • Laurent

    pour les Francais qui lisent l article, je viens de la voir dispo sur leboncoin a vendre a 4000eur

    *for the french fellows, the bikes is availlable for sale for 4000eur (about 5000$ I guess)

  • KIK

    were do you put the wooden block kickstand thing?