Borsalino helmets

Borsalino designer motorcycle helmets
Borsalino has been synonymous with Panama hats for over 150 years. And now it’s making motorcycle helmets. The venerable company is based in northern Italy, betwixt Turin and Milan, and has expanded its brand to include menswear, watches, and even fragrances. I’m not sure if I could bring myself to wear a Borsalino helmet, but they are truly beautiful objects. Shown above from left to right: Panama Blu Carezza, Notorius, and Blu Carezza. For the designers amongst you, the company’s website is worth a visit: it’s a model of classy, understated design.

  • Undercover Soul Brother

    Well, you can always go with the Diesel helmet:

    Live out those jet fighter fantasies on the back of your Vespa?

  • Trevor

    I have a Borsalino fedora which I wear in winter (I live in Canberra).
    It is a beautiful hat; superb workmanship and the finest materials.
    I would be mortified if anything happened to it so, like you, I doubt if I could ever wear a Borsalino bash-hat.
    But I LOVE that Panama Blu Carezza!