Brass Balls Model 1

Brass Balls Bobber Model 1
Darwin Motorcycles describes its award-winning Brass Balls Model 1 bobber as “a traditional old-school design wrapped in a flat black tuxedo”. It’s a quality bike: power comes from 80 cubes of Harley EVO, driving through a Baker 5-speed box. That black ceramic-coated exhaust is a D&D Performance item. S&S provides carburetion, and the rubber is Metzler.

But the real kicker is the low price: just $18,595. Company boss Dar Holdsworth explains: “We are all looking for alternatives to do more with less. The Model 1 embodies our current realities.” This is one US custom builder that deserves to prosper after many big names have collapsed.

  • Ben

    I do love this bike but it appears to fit the same design cues as the Harley Nightster at a $6k mark up. Would love to see something along these lines offered as a 5 stage kit build bike, to spread the cost out over a year or so.