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BSA A10 Super Rocket

BSA A10 by Ritmo Sereno
Here’s a classic example of a very tasteful ‘resto-mod’, and one that shows off the lines of the BSA A10 beautifully. The iconic A10 first appeared as the 1949 Golden Flash, but by the mid 50s, the range needed an overhaul. BSAs were being seen as rugged and reliable, while Triumph and Norton fought the performance war. So BSA upgraded its mainstay platform to produce the Road Rocket, and then in 1957, revealed the even faster Super Rocket. The top end of the A10 engine was reworked, and a large Amal TT racing carburettor fitted. The result was impressive: a top speed of around 112 mph (180 kph), with the quarter mile coming up in a whisker over 14 seconds. The pictured Super Rocket is 1960 model from the top Japanese workshop Ritmo Sereno: they’ve bored out the 646 cc air cooled twin to 683 cc, balanced the conrods and crankshaft, and fitted a Boyer ignition and new exhaust system. Ritmo also upgraded the brakes—still drums for authenticity—and fitted RK Excel wheels shod with Dunlop K300GP tires. All they need to do now is fit a headlight, and the bike’s ready to roll.

BSA A10 Super Rocket

  • David Enfield

    More , more I say . More proper Motor Bikes from the Golden Age , when vibration was REAL , and a kick start could take yer leg off .

  • John Hyslop

    I have a 58 and a 60 in boxes in storage. Resto-mod is the only choice sometimes because restoring them with NOS parts is simply out of reach financially for most of us. The exchange rate sucks and britbike parts prices have gotten ludicrous.

  • Nick

    Love it…beautiful.
    @ John Hyslop – I envy you and your boxes full of BSA’s!

  • Evo

    I agree with David… I have a permanant dent in my leg from those ‘kickstart years’!

  • I truly want this bike. Reminds me of my dad.

  • DucatiDew

    If those BSA’s gave you a kick back……. they are either out of time or you are starting them wrong…… hehehehe….

  • complaints aside, I sure wish I had one.