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BSA B31 hardtail

Jim Clark's BSA B31 hardtail custom
The Second World War had barely finished when the Birmingham Small Arms Company introduced the iconic B31. A 350 cc four-stroke thumper propelled the bike to a top speed of around 70 mph, and although it was based on a pre-war design, the B31 remained in production until 1959. This hardtail custom is featured on the website of Speer Performance, a vintage motorcycle specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. Click here for more wonderful images from the mysterious Jim Atanasovski, including a Suzuki T500 post classic racer and 1948 Bedford truck on the salt flats.

  • pcxxiv


  • misteradiant

    it’s a slick looking cafe racer, simple and raw, but it looks a little short, like the frame needs to be extended 4 to 6 inches at the rear.

  • That bike is sick. Simple and clean! Good on ya!

  • great find!

  • Mingh

    That bike = Style.

  • You found my mechanic…. WooHoo! Their work is amazing. Keep your eyes out for a later Triumph Bobber that’s in the works….. Not mine – I wish.

  • Celso Andre Woiciechovski

    linda- sou apaixonado p/ BSA, NSU, JAWA, etc. etc.

  • Skylar

    Looks like a bad photoshop around the front tire.

    Cool bike.