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Buell RW750

Buell RW750
I have to admit that I’m indifferent to most of Erik Buell’s creations. Like some, I’m not really in Buell’s target market. His greatest achievements—aside from cultivating a distinctive brand within the moribund Harley-Davidson group—have always come from his engineering prowess. So it seems fitting to pay tribute to the guy by taking a look at where it all started. The Buell RW750 was a two-stroke, ‘square-four’ racer that ran in the 1983 AMA Formula One series. It was originally the flawed creation of an obscure Welsh engine maker called Barton, but Buell ingeniously re-engineered it, building a competitive bike that was clocked at 178 mph at Talladega. Then the AMA changed the regulations and the RW (‘Road Warrior’) became redundant overnight. Still, it was enough to launch Erik’s career. And I suspect—indeed hope—we haven’t heard the last of him.

  • r

    The only thing that has come out of North America in the past 30 years that has been half way decent and HD kills it. I’m really sorry but the short sightness of HD has just put another nail in the coffin.
    Would I buy a Buell, probably not but knowing they are behind the scenes advancing engineering gives me a boost to know that there is someone small doing what they can to advance cycle science.

  • r

    And lets not talk about bailouts; GM, Chrysler etc, what about giving a living legend in North American sport bikes a break?
    Its all just a bad dream, and we will all wake up riding Hodakas on some windy, dirty trail somewhere.

  • Mingh

    i wonder if any industrial history buff sees any parallels between this and waht happened 35 years ago in the UK.
    Personally I’m not drawn too much to Buell, but it’s a shame to see one of the few makes that really stand out from the UJMs go. Although I’m confident that somehow Buell will rise again. Like Triumph, MV Agusta, or Morini …

  • Adrian

    If you ever get a chance to ride one, you might change your minds.

  • I was getting ready to buy a Buell when I learned about this. As much as I love the bikes, I’m not comfortable with the idea of buying a dead brand, despite HD’s promises to stand behind the warranties and such.

    Say what you will about Erik Buell, but that fact is that he put out the most innovative, class-redefining bikes in the category for many years.

  • Matt P.

    This is why investors are bad in companies that make products that residential consumers care about.

  • swampdog1970

    Ah david essexes silver dream racer lives