Walz Hardcore Veyron

Walz Hardcore Veyron China 1 chopper
Marcus Walz of German custom builder Hardcore Cycles is not the shy and retiring type, and neither are his customers, it would seem. This latest bike—the Veyron China 1, to give it its full name—was delivered just before Christmas to a Chinese businessman in Hong Kong. According to Hockenheim-based Walz, “18 months ago, the client ordered a new white Bugatti Veyron. At the same time, he contacted us to order a matching bike based on a limited edition ‘Iceman’ chassis.” There’s no word on the exact specification of this machine, but we do know that the original Iceman chassis was created for Kimi Räikkönen, the 2007 Formula 1 world champion. Räikkönen has bought two Hardcore bikes, and Iceman II had a Ferrari theme: the automotive link has obviously impressed the Bugatti owner, who now has a bike as extreme as his 987 bhp car. So: hot or not? [Thanks to Phil Davis.]

  • MTGR

    I’ve seen enough big twin customs with stub pipes to last me a lifetime. Move on.

  • Woody


  • Nick Cave’s Moustache

    Stoopid. Fat rear tires were never and will never be cool. Petty much the polar opposite of everything I look for in a bike.

  • It’s like all the over produced pop music being pumped out today.

  • Graham

    NOT…… did it come with a complete wardrobe by Christian Audigier?

    This is the motorcycle equivalent of finding out that some ass put rohypnol in your sister’s drink.

  • twitchel

    Nothing special, not ugly, but it has as much to do with bugatti as the current cars have anything in common with the awesome craftsmanship of the original cars

  • Temporary Citizen

    There’s nothing “wrong” with it, it’s just.. generic.

    For a bike to be based on the Veyron, I expected multiple turbos (or some other over-the-top performance), unique and intricate bodywork, and exotic materials.

  • crazysince78

    All this guy’s bike are almost exactly the same. I have seen him on tv and he seems like a real jerk. This can’t even compare with a Veyron, it is an amazing car and this is just another boring outdated chopper/bobber. Maybe 8 years ago it would have been neat but today it just looks awkward and out of place.

  • eugh

    awful shit for an idiot with more money than sense

  • totally hot. it’s well designed, well proportioned, has classic lines…and is probably the same white and black as the Bugatti. This isn’t a comparison between a two million dollar car and a custom chopper. I personally feel that the level of craftsmanship looks to be on par with the Veyron…the buyer knew what he wanted, based on the builders portfolio (and the two tone color scheme of his car), and got it. While the details don’t look as refined or as exotic as the car, it is a totally different animal. It would be like saying, “hey Lamborghini, make me a car to go with my new Wally yacht; it’s going to be grey, and really fast.”

  • I’m not against custom choppers…but isn’t that what they should be? Custom?

    This is just another piece of tasteless shite. No thought, No style.

    I hate these ‘concepts’ hanging on a great name, engineering & performance.
    All it’s got in common is that it’s white! So is my arse!!

  • WRXr

    It doesn’t seem all that special. But I must be getting jaded. The chopper thing is over and done and the cafe racer craze is fast approaching that level…and I own a cafe racer.

  • Bob

    I just saw one of these, “Hardcore’s” advertised- the asking price was around $80,000!!!!!!
    But the engine has been tuned to……. ready?…………105 hp!!! Hahahaha
    Stupid ‘custom’ chopper buyers……..

  • BadMonk

    I like the look, not the performance or the price.

  • Tin Man 2

    Very nice and tastefull custom bike. Nothing rediculous here just a nice big custom cruiser. And maybe 105 HP does not sound exotic to many Sporty Bike riders, But the real Secret lies in the Torque, Its nice to ride a fast bike without having to ring its neck for power.

  • powermatic

    Not that it matters in any real sense, obviously, but hasn’t VW always documented ‘1001 bhp’ for the Veyron?

    Oh, and the bike is lame, and would remain so even if the ‘HARDCORE’ tag was even larger, with 3 or 4 exclamation points after it. And I assume this means the guy bought a white Veyron, presumably because the factory refused to paint one pink. It’s a double car/bike lose/lose.

  • mingh

    living proof that you can’t buy Style.
    Some people have it, many don’t.

  • teo

    “Hardcore”? hahaha… it’s so lame…

  • Powermatic: yes, you’re right. VW claimed 1,001 metric horsepower, which is 736 kW or 987 bhp. I guess “1,001” has a better ring to it.

  • Astroman

    Life back in 2002…..

    More life SOFTCORE

  • WillyP

    “Sucker born every minute”…

    Kudos to the bitches at Hardcore for reeling in another one.

  • No real taste, but then the buyer probably didn’t have a Western perspective, that thing might be the nuts in China? Ok sprawling HARDCORE down the side to us looks crap, but to a foreign land it’s like all the muppets here who get Kanji tattoos.

    Fair play to the guy who managed to get $80k for knocking that out though, I need to start a builders like that. To our trained internet eyes it looks generic, but I’ve never seen one of those on the road either.

  • Phil Davis

    well ,, that went didn’t go well, did it ? . ;)


  • hot

  • I love this bike. The only thing I would change is the white paint. If this bike was completely black, it would be my favorite bike.