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Ritmo Sereno Rocket-R

BMW cafe motorcycles
Ritmo Sereno has just completed two new café motorcycles for a lucky client. And if there’s any remaining doubt that the Tokyo workshop is the king of the resto-mod, these BMW café racers should dispel it. They’re ‘Rocket-R’ models, which is Ritmo-speak for completely overhauled R-series bikes that have also been upgraded with modern components. As part of the deal you get a delicious custom seat and tail unit, contemporary switchgear and a sleek fairing. The finishing touch is a repaint—including the engine—to showroom standard and beyond. Most Rocket-R bikes are built to customer specification, and most customers stick to the correct BMW colors and ‘smoke’ effects. (These machines also have liberal powdercoating and heavier pinstriping.) Despite the amount of work that goes into these bikes, the cost is surprisingly reasonable: the equivalent of US$13,000 including taxes. Presumably you’d need to add the cost of the original bike on top of that, but a good R90 can be had for under $5,000 on eBay. A reasonable price to pay for the perfect resto-mod cafe motorcycle, don’t you think?

BMW cafe motorcycles
BMW cafe motorcycles

  • Those are really sweet, I especially like the R90S colored one.

  • YJH

    This is so raffiné, so desirable_Chris could you ask your friends at Ritmo’s to do an English version of their site so I could order one for my birthday (serious request)_Arigato very much

  • Andy Carter

    Shiny, shiny! Really tasteful work.

  • Tin Man 2

    Very nice ,Very tastefull but very expensive. No way is there 13K worth of work on top of the original bike. I restore alot of bikes and Ive got to say somebody is getting rich on this… Of course if your a guy who pays 4K for a custom paint job, you are an Art collector, so enjoy your purchase. It is a Very Good looking Bike.

  • mingh

    Ritmo isn’t very innovative, but they’re really good at what they do. This time they even nearly make me want a beemer

  • Rex Havoc

    What an amazing bit of kit for the price. I can’t see how they can make any money. Most custom Beemers look like like the love child of Susan Boyle and Marty Feldman, this one is hot!

  • Anton

    Look! No checkered stripe across the top of the tank! phew!
    I know this is Ritmo, but I was worried for a sec…

  • Rossco

    the only thing more confusing than the Japanese language website is the translation

    some very cool guzzis

  • David Enfield

    :-) ……. a lot .