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Can-Am Spyder RT

Can-Am Spyder RT
We prefer our three-wheelers to be sidecars rather than excrescences such as the Harley Tri-Glide, or scooters like the Piaggio MP3. But Can-Am’s products have always had a measure of credibility. The boys from Valcourt have just released the RT series, which looks to be their best yet. As usual, the RT comes with reliable Rotax power, but now offers the option of a trailer package with an additional 22 cu. ft (622 liters) of storage, tuned to match the vehicle’s stability system. If you’re planning a big trip and don’t want to take the car, the Spyder RT looks like the best bet.

  • Peter

    Ha Ha!
    A bike for people who don’t like cornering. Drive a car and stick your head out of the window. ;-]

  • macfly

    All the disadvantages of a car and all inconveniences of a motorbike, with none of the advantages of either. Truly the worst of both worlds, what a crazy idea.
    Wonder how many of those they’ll sell?

  • I hope they sell a million of ’em. I’ll take a second set of rims for the snowtires, too please.
    If it gets the car-folks out of their boxes and into the open air (while decreasing traffic density, lighter footprint on the roadbed etc.) I’m for it. Would you rather share the road with a bunch of these or a bunch of SUVers on their cellphones?

    Likely a fair percentage of the not-already-a-motorcyclist CanAm buyers will even eventually come over to the dark side, where we have leaning.

  • My wife affectionately calls these type of bikes “motorcycles for pussies”. Just get a convertible car instead.

  • Mike

    Is this an ad? The photograph and caption sure make it feel like one. If it is, I think that should be disclosed.

  • Mike, it isn’t an ad. The photo is a Can-Am publicity shot though, well spotted. We actively cultivate advertising on Bike EXIF to help running costs, but we don’t run ads masquerading as posts.

  • Vorobo

    >>We actively cultivate advertising on Bike EXIF to help running costs<<

    Fine with that, but please stay with real bikes. These things are pathetic.

    Anyway, keep up the great work. I truly love your blog.

  • mingh

    3 wheels = no bike.
    probably great to impress that sixty year old blonde at the golf club…
    If i were disabled, I might be interested though.

  • Genaro Esparragoza

    i think its a cool vehicle (or whatever) but not for me though.

  • Looks fun

  • s0crates82

    how do these compare with the t-rex?

  • YJH

    I saw one of these machines this summer on a mountain road between Chamonix and Zurich_they really looked like having a great time_I would get one if I was living in such a region_together with my 8 bikes_and a lucky loto number

  • spyderowner

    wow…lots of negativity from people who know nothing about the product…i own a spyder (previous model, not the rt) – and they’re a blast to ride…
    it’s not a motorcycle – they don’t pretend to be one…

    before you criticize, you may want to just go try one…

    but that’s ok…some people don’t do well with new ideas…

  • @ socrates82:

    Apples & Oranges, the T-Rex is a $50K, 197hp, 1400cc (Kawasaki ZX14 engine) 3wheeled sportscar (ie: side by side seating, a steering wheel and a roof) and the CanAm is a $20K, tandem seating, swing your leg over design with handlebars and a 109hp 990cc Rotax V-twin.

    Both are licensed as motorcycles (almost) everywhere, but that & wheel count are all they really have in common.

  • corey

    What could be done stylishly on four wheels, you can now do ridiculusly on five.

    I think the first two posts nailed it.

  • bone_crusher

    Some here are simply pathetic.

    As an owner of a Spyder SM5 (now called the RS), to read some of these posts is rather amusing.

    First of all, I guess many who ride a motorcycle don’t understand physics…you DO lean into curves on the Spyder…if not, it makes for a rather uncomfortable ride when taking an exit ramp at a high speed.

    Second, you have a VSS system…yeah, antilock brakes, traction control, stability control…made by Bosch…the same system as on BMW and Mercedes cars…this means when it’s slick out, you’re far better off than on a two wheeler….when it rains, there’s no hiding under a bridge…come on, how macho is that?

    You lose NONE of the fun of being on a 2 wheeler…the bike is a ton of fun to ride on and you’re far more visible and safer…

    Until you ride one, you shouldn’t comment as you know nothing about what you’re ripping on…get on a Spyder and you’ll likely buy one…unless foolish pride about two wheelers gets in the way.

    The Spyder is meant to take motorcycle fun and motorcycle safety to the next level…lemme see…no cage, open-air, plenty of speed, safety features galore, and a heck of a lot more visibility on the road…making it safer all the way around. Did I mention it’s fun??

    The Spyder is much more like a bike as opposed to a car. The next time you drop your bike, consider the Spyder….there’s no compromising on fun and exhilaration…this bike is awesome!

    It’s one thing to comment on something you know about, it’s another to be ignorant…go out and take one for a ride…everyone who does loves it!

  • These things (the Spyder) are hard to describe to someone who has not ridden one. I have an RS as well as a BMW GS Adventure, an Ultra Classic Harley, a Big Dog Pitbull, and various other off road goodies. There is nothing compared to riding my two wheeled bikes, period. The Spyder is just different and a boat load of fun to ride. Everyone that I have let use the thing for enough time to get a real feel for it has either bought one or pesters me constantly to use mine when I am not on it.

    I cannot fault the purists for standing hard on their two wheeled principles because I am a two wheeled guy myself. What can compare to a 150 horse twin at full throttle pounding away at the pavement with my girl sittin’ on a postage stamp seat on the rear fender, or a four day trek through the mountains on my GS? Nothing! But, the Spyder feels like your doing something illegal. Like your blasting down the highway on your snowmobile or your waiting for the cop that’s eyeballing you to pull you over because that ATV is not a street legal ride.

    The thing is a technology hoot! I am a fan of anything with a motor and I judge based on what it is and not a comparo to what it is not. The Spyder is registered as a motorcycle simply to put a plate on it so it can be driven on the street. But to compare it to a two wheeled bike would be like biting into a steak and saying “this chicken tastes like crap”. It makes no sense to me.

    To say ignorant is a bit harsh. No one is going to tell me that the thrill and feel of a two wheeled bike can be trumped by a trike. No way. Conversely, to discredit the Spyder because you are comparing it to a two wheeled bike is a bit ridicules as well. Find a way to take one for a spin and you will quickly see what I mean. It is completely different and tons of fun to ride. If you are looking to blend in or if the opinion of your buddies is stronger than your personal desire for a good thrill, don’t bother. But, if you want a really fun new thrill, find one and ride it.

  • bone_crusher


    Good points!

  • When I lost my legs ten years ago in an accident I stopped riding two wheelers. I shifted to sidecars and I love my old BMW R75/6….but the asymmetric side of the vehicle makes things very “interesting” at times. The Can-Am solves that problem and is “new”. I think it’s a bit expensive, but it’s cool looking and has amazing utility. I see them up here in the mountains carving corners and I’ve spoken to several riders who really like them. After many years on snowmobiles I’m sure I could adapt. I’m sorry for the people who are offended by a different idea in the motorsports world, but really it’s an old idea refined, and here in 2010, if you dig it, get on. If you don’t, move along and don’t try to ruin the fun, you can’t anyway.

  • David

    I am with Craig, I ended up in a wheelchair three years ago because of some dumb ass in his car hitting me on my bike. Should I just sit on the couch, hell no! The spyder is a great way to hit the open road and really isn’t that what its all about. Seeing new country, eating some good food, hanging out with your buddies.

  • Johnd

    Pretty evident some of those posting have never ridden a MC and I wonder if they can handle a Bicycle so please don’t let them behind the wheel of a car because the one word that come to my mind is ‘CLUELESS’ I have been riding for over 30 years and my dad and my grandfather rode before that and before that well we was riding horse and all have the same thing in common out in the open air felling the breeze and the oneness with this beuatiful world that GOD blessed us with and when I get to the point where I can’t ride my 2 wheeled MC at least I now have another option to keep it in the wind and not buckled down inside of a Death Cage where it kills the sense the openness that come from being out there. As the T-Shirt says ‘ If I have to explain you wouldn’t understand’ but I can bet those who ride know the real reason a dog hangs his head out a window. Do you notice in your cage he sticks his slobbering tongue out at you well let a biker ride up and he’ll talk to him because he understands. So maybe you should stick to walking or riding the bus and you know who you are.

  • Mike Hoier

    Just had my first ride on a Spyder. WOW. Very nice indeed. Have been riding behind my wife all summer on her Harley Ultra Clasic, but due to a lifelong medical condition, I will never be able to be the operator of her bike. However, we are both very excited over the prospect of my becoming a Spyder rider. My disabilities will not be a factor with the foot brake and semi automatic transmission. Sadly, at the dealership with looked at the bike, their insurance company would not allow for an unlicensed (me) rider to operate. My wife did do a great job taking me for the ride however. Also, to trike a bike would be almost $10k or more than what I can purchase a new Spyder for. Truly, a bike does exist for almost any rider who wants to get out and ride. Can’t wait for spring………………

  • ghosryder

    anything with power im with it ,anything i can trick a plus ,i ride a busa if you ride in miami u probably know me i tried the spyder for one reason to prove its not a bike and dont belong on the road BIG ASS MISTAKE i road it on tuesday and purchased it on friday now im going to trick it if you like good if you dont oh well but dont spit on those who do we all have diffrent taste just respect that and go on riding

  • I

    I was a former Spyder owner. It is fun. It is different. It is unique. It is not ready for prime time. I mean this based on what I put up with. I had exhaust gaskets go bad after 2k miles. The MPG on it was at best 33 and worst 24. The brakes were as noisy as a freight train. The smell of gas fumes was bad. The back fires, and burn marks on the muffler. The sticking emergency brake. The Gear Position Sensor malfunction. The Dynamic Steering lockups. At 75 MPH the engine is turning 5600 rpm. The concept is great…. really. The execution is flawed. The engineering is sub par. Lastly, look at the resale values, they are going down faster than Tiger Woods image.

  • Jhonly

    in indonesia it create lot’s of hype.. people does buy this !!