Custom Motorcycles

  • BMW R nineT custom by UCC

    BMW R nineT custom by UCC

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    After building bikes for nigh on 20 years, Unique Custom Cycles has a reputation most builders would die for. The Swedish company is known for its traditional chopper and drag racing builds, but its latest project—nicknamed The Stockholm Syndrome—is very different. UCC’s Ronna Norén and… Read more »

  • Yamaha SR400 Yard Built by Benders

    Yamaha SR400 Yard Built by Benders

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Brothers Christian and Raphael Bender had the kind of childhood most of us dream about. They started out messing around on dirt bikes near Germany’s picturesque Black Forest, and began rebuilding bikes to finance far-flung adventures in the dunes of the Sahara desert. After a… Read more »

  • Guzzi Nevada custom scrambler

    Guzzi Nevada custom scrambler

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,

    The big money-spinner for Moto Guzzi these days is the ‘new’ V7 range. But although the V7 has put the Mandello Del Lario factory on a secure footing, the heart of the bike is nothing new. The iconic 750cc ‘small block’ engine design can be… Read more »

  • Honda CB400N by Officine Mr. S

    Honda CB400N by Officine Mr. S

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Nestled against the northwestern Sicilian coastline is a town called Alcamo. Known for its white wine and beautiful seaside, it’s also home to emerging Italian builder Isidoro Stellino. Stellino began his career at the age of 18 as a coffee roaster in his family’s shop,… Read more »

  • Moto Guzzi V65 cafe racer

    Moto Guzzi V65 cafe racer

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    One of the most evocative paint schemes in motorcycling is the red and lime green of Moto Guzzi’s iconic V7 Sport. It was a combination suggested by a Milan-based design institute, and four decades later, it’s still synonymous with the marque. Moto Guzzi itself has… Read more »

  • Yamaha XT600 by Sartorie Meccaniche

    Yamaha XT600 by Sartorie Meccaniche

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    The venerable Yamaha XT600 is one of those motorcycles that everyone seems to like. After almost two decades of production, this simple but rugged enduro disappeared from the showrooms in 2003—but it’s still readily available on the secondhand market. One of the XT600’s biggest fans… Read more »

  • Triumph Scrambler by Kingston Custom

    Triumph Scrambler by Kingston Custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    The Triumph Tridays is one of the biggest motorcycle festivals in Europe. Every June, the Austrian town of Neukirchen is overrun by British bikes, and the highlight of the event is a 400-meter grass sprint known as the ‘Rumble.’ A one-off custom is invariably revealed… Read more »

  • Ducati 749 by Shed-X

    Ducati 749 by Shed-X

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Staunch Ducatistas might balk at the idea of ripping the bodywork off a 749. Neil and Jim at Shed-X don’t seem to mind too much though: turning Bologna’s finest into naked, fun-loving street machines is their forte. Based out of a small workshop in Sydney,… Read more »

  • Yamaha dirt tracker by Jeff Palhegyi

    Yamaha dirt tracker by Jeff Palhegyi

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Is there any racing livery more evocative than Yamaha’s classic ‘speed block’ pattern? Put it on a dirt tracker, and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Jeff Palhegyi’s uncompromising XS650 was one of the stars of the recent Quail Gathering, but Jeff refused all… Read more »

  • Dustin Kott’s CB550 cafe racer

    Dustin Kott’s CB550 cafe racer

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,,

    When Dustin Kott turns his hand to a CB, you can be sure it’s going to come out special. The Californian builder has favored Hondas since he first popped up on the scene—and to call him a specialist would now be something of an understatement.… Read more »

  • Urban Motor Brat Bob

    Urban Motor Brat Bob

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,

    Whether it’s a classic resto-mod or a R nineT café-tracker, Urban Motor’s Peter Dannenberg sure knows how to tweak a BMW to perfection. Every build that rolls out of his Berlin workshop is über-clean and cohesive—even when he’s been asked to inject a little Brat… Read more »

  • El Solitario ‘Marrajo’ Sportster 1200

    El Solitario ‘Marrajo’ Sportster 1200

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    El Solitario is something of a phenomenon in the custom world. The Spanish workshop inspires both passion and rage from observers, and this latest build is likely to be no different. It’s called ‘Marrajo’—the Spanish word for a mako shark—and is based on a 1998… Read more »

  • KTM Tracker by Roland Sands

    KTM Tracker by Roland Sands

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    I’m surprised we don’t see more KTMs on the custom scene. Maybe it’s because the Austrian bikes offer great performance straight out of the box, and a love-it-or-hate-it style that’s hard to tweak. Roland Sands is a fan of the brand, and also one of… Read more »

  • Honda 750 Nighthawk by Ad Hoc

    Honda 750 Nighthawk by Ad Hoc

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Right now, the epicenter of the European custom scene is Spain. The Iberian Peninsula is already famous for its petrolhead culture, which has spawned legions of MotoGP stars—and we’re now seeing a growing number of workshops transforming older bikes into drop-dead gorgeous traffic stoppers. Shops… Read more »

  • Cafe Racer Dreams BMW R100RS

    Cafe Racer Dreams BMW R100RS

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Sensible isn’t a word you’d normally use to describe a custom motorcycle. But as this BMW R100RS from Cafe Racer Dreams proves, sensible doesn’t have to mean stale. It can also come with a hefty dose of style and desirability. CRD #49 was commissioned by… Read more »