Custom Motorcycles

  • Ducati Monster 750 by Motolady

    Ducati Monster 750 by Motolady

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    I’m always curious to see what moto journalists ride when they’re not reporting on other people’s bikes. This hot-rodded Ducati Monster 750 belongs to Alicia Mariah Elfving—better known as the Motolady, and one of the biggest personalities in the online moto world. There’s a fair… Read more »

  • BMW Airhead by Austin Paintworks

    BMW Airhead by Austin Paintworks

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Once in a blue moon, a bike comes along from a workshop I’ve never heard of, and blows my socks off. This is one such bike: a Rennsport-inspired BMW airhead from Bill Twitchel and Matt Musial of Austin Paintworks, Texas. AP is primarily a paint… Read more »

  • Bonneville T100 by Maccomotors

    Bonneville T100 by Maccomotors

  • BMW R60/5 ‘Dustbeemer’

    BMW R60/5 ‘Dustbeemer’

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    If the name Séb Lorentz doesn’t ring a bell, it should. Séb is one of Europe’s most gifted bike builders, with an eye for a line and a willingness to break the mold. He’s built two of our all-time favorite customs: a slammed Yamaha XS650… Read more »

  • Joey Subrizi’s roadgoing YZF 426

    Joey Subrizi’s roadgoing YZF 426

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    I have to admit that I’m immune to the charms of modern-day motocross bikes. I have a soft spot for the old Husky 400s and Honda Elsinores, but the garish, logo-emblazoned machines of today leave me cold. There’s no question about their performance, though. And… Read more »

  • Honda CB750 K7 by 4h10

    Honda CB750 K7 by 4h10

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Make a list of the ten most influential motorcycles of all time, and the Honda CB750 has got to be on it. But by the late 70s the original superbike had become the two-wheeled equivalent of middle-aged Elvis: slightly out of shape and overshadowed by… Read more »

  • Ducati 749 by Gustavo Penna

    Ducati 749 by Gustavo Penna

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    When the time comes to build a motorcycle for the next Terminator movie, it should be this one. It’s a glimpse under the skin of a Ducati 749, courtesy of Gustavo Penna—a cinematographer who shoots car commercials in Los Angeles. Gustavo is a Ducati fanatic… Read more »

  • Revival Cycles Harley Sportster 883

    Revival Cycles Harley Sportster 883

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,

    Revival Cycles are known mostly for their show-stopping Moto Guzzi customs. So it should feel strange to see a Harley roll out of the Texas workshop. But somehow, it doesn’t: this Sportster 883 is exactly what you’d expect from Alan Stulberg and crew when it… Read more »

  • Triumph Scrambler by British Customs

    Triumph Scrambler by British Customs

  • Shaik Ridzwan Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Desert sleds still have a place in modern motorcycling iconography. Originally an American phenomenon, today it’s the Triumph Scrambler from across the ditch that embodies the spirit most closely. And it doesn’t take much to give a modern Scrambler a touch of the desert sled… Read more »

  • Ninja 750 by Huge Design

    Ninja 750 by Huge Design

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Bill Webb has two passions in life: design and motorcycles. He’s a partner at a San Francisco agency called Huge Design, and for years his daily ride was a 1995 Kawasaki ZX7 Ninja. Then the bike was stolen and stripped. When Bill recovered his Ninja—known… Read more »

  • Bull Cycles’ Harley Nightster

    Bull Cycles’ Harley Nightster

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,

    I’ve always thought that the older Nightsters are the best-looking Harley Sportster variant. The mix of dark finishes, wire wheels and blacked-out hubs gave them a subtle, low-key vibe. This custom Nightster is anything but subtle, though. And none the worse for it. Nicknamed ‘Traffic,’… Read more »

  • Custom Harley Softail Springer

    Custom Harley Softail Springer

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    These days, you can slot most custom bikes into a clearly defined genre. Café racer, bobber, tracker—a quick glance is usually all it takes. But occasionally a bike appears that defies categorization, like this Harley-Davidson Softail Springer from Indonesia. A modern American cruiser with vintage… Read more »

  • Bonneville T100 by Renard

    Bonneville T100 by Renard

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Renard is famous for its limited edition, $96,000 Grand Tourer—a high-end sport cruiser with a carbon fiber chassis and a Moto Guzzi power plant. It’s a spectacular showcase for the company’s design and engineering skills. So we did a double take when we heard that… Read more »

  • James Whitham’s W650 tracker

    James Whitham’s W650 tracker

  • Gez Kane Custom Motorcycles ,,

    It’s comforting to know that even TV stars and retired former race aces aren’t immune to the project bike disease. That’s why former Grand Prix, World Superbike and World Supersport racer James Whitham has spent the last 15 months of his limited spare time building… Read more »

  • Guzzi Le Mans by Kaffeemaschine

    Guzzi Le Mans by Kaffeemaschine

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    If you grew up in the 1970s, you probably look back fondly on the Formula One cars of that era. The Marlboro McLarens, the Martini Brabhams, and best of all, the svelte John Player Special Lotuses. Axel Budde of Hamburg-based Kaffeemaschine is a fan of… Read more »