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  • Adam Kay of Untitled Motorcycles talks old school customs and how to start a bike-building business.

    The Business of Customizing Old Motorcycles

  • Chris Hunter Bike EXIF GuidesSpecial Features ,

    Untitled builds interesting and usable old school motorcycles in a small workshop under the railway arches in north London. And they’re doing a very good job of it too. So when we read an interview with Untitled’s co-founder Adam Kay in Classic Bike Guide, we… Read more »

  • Motorcycle Wiring 101

    Motorcycle Wiring 101

  • Joe Tessitore Bike EXIF GuidesSpecial Features

    Joe Tessitore is a strange guy. Most motorcycle builders hate working with motorcycle wiring, but not Joe. It’s his favorite part of the build, and the source of most of his business. So we’ve asked Joe to demystify electrical systems, and provide an easy guide… Read more »

  • How to build a Harley cafe racer

    How to build a Harley cafe racer

  • Charlie Trelogan Bike EXIF GuidesSpecial Features

    A few weeks ago our article How To Build a Cafe Racer struck a chord with many readers. The response was overwhelmingly positive and it sounds like many of you are now using the article as a guide when modifying your own bikes. However, that… Read more »

  • How to build motorcycles for a living

    How to build motorcycles for a living

  • John Ryland Bike EXIF GuidesSpecial Features

    “Wouldn’t it be great to build motorcycles for a living?” I’m guessing the thought has crossed your mind while working on your own bike. It’s kind of like saying, “Wouldn’t it be great to climb Mount Everest?” Of course it would, depending on your tolerance… Read more »

  • How To Build A Scrambler

    How To Build A Scrambler

  • Matthew Roberts Bike EXIF GuidesSpecial Features

    You’ve searched the web, watched the moody videos, and discovered that your street tires don’t like wet grass. You’ve decided you need a scrambler—but how do you tweak your bike for good dirty fun, with a bit of extra style? Here we’ll focus on the… Read more »

  • Motorcycle Photography, Part II

    Motorcycle Photography, Part II

  • Gregor Halenda Bike EXIF GuidesSpecial Features

    I once shot a billboard for Ducati with a penlight—and I was paid with a Hypermotard. That got your attention didn’t it? Being a photographer is a lot like being a magician. Sometimes the best tricks are the simple ones, just done extremely well. Today… Read more »

  • 12 Steps to Building a Cafe Racer

    12 Steps to Building a Cafe Racer

  • Richard Pollock Bike EXIF GuidesSpecial Features

    The first feature on ‘How to Build a Café Racer’ struck a chord. Not everybody who read it agreed with the content, but when it comes to style, there are several different schools of taste. I’m going to focus on the performance side of building… Read more »

  • Motorcycle Photography 101

    Motorcycle Photography 101

  • Jose Gallina Bike EXIF GuidesSpecial Features

    I’m a photographer of many things. I shoot live music, portraits and fashion, but my favorite subjects have wheels—and more specifically, two wheels. There are many ways to photograph a motorcycle. You can shoot it while riding, racing, or wrenching. Or when it’s just leaning… Read more »

  • How To Build A Cafe Racer

    How To Build A Cafe Racer

  • Charlie Trelogan Bike EXIF Guides

    I’m a car designer by trade: I spend my time working out how to make machinery look as good as it can. Designers are creative people by nature, so we crave the opportunity to be as free as possible in our work. We also have… Read more »