• Elizabeth Raab

    Elizabeth Raab

  • Chris Hunter Photographers ,,

    You don’t often see motorcycles featured in fine art photography; Bill Phelps is the only name we’ve come across in the past. But now there’s a new one to watch: Elizabeth Raab, a photographic artist specializing in automotive and creative portraiture. Like Phelps, Raab is… Read more »

  • Honda C70 Passport

    Honda C70 Passport

  • Chris Hunter Photographers ,

    A good photographer can give even the most humble motorcycle a touch of glamour. And Joshua Hoffman‘s use of ringflash has made us look at the Honda C70 in a new light. The C70 was a grown-up version of the Honda Super Cub, with a… Read more »

  • Yamaha SR500 street tracker

    Yamaha SR500 street tracker

  • Chris Hunter Custom MotorcyclesPhotographers ,,

    Randall Cordero is one of America’s top motorcycle photographers, and his shots of this ‘bumblebee’ Yamaha caught our eye. This 1978 500cc thumper is owned by veteran rider Russ Somers, an art director for Simpson Race Products. It’s packing a White Brothers cam, a flatside… Read more »

  • Postie Bike Challenge

    Postie Bike Challenge

  • Chris Hunter Motorcycle VacationsPhotographersRacing Motorcycles

    The Honda CT110 is a diminutive 105cc, air-cooled, single cylinder motorcycle. It’s used in Australia for postal deliveries, and renowned for its toughness. It’s also the selected transport for a bizarre 2,000 mile race across the outback, the Postie Bike Challenge. The eighth annual race… Read more »

  • Coop shoots the electric chopper

    Coop shoots the electric chopper

  • Chris Hunter Custom MotorcyclesElectric MotorcyclesPhotographers

    Zack Norman built an electric bobber using a Harley frame, and in May 2007 he took it out to El Mirage to run it through the traps. He clocked a virtually silent 69mph and there’s a video to record the occasion. The devilishly talented pop… Read more »

  • Dustin Humphrey

    Dustin Humphrey

  • Chris Hunter Photographers ,

    Most fashion photography featuring motorcycles is a clichéd rehash of the whole biker chick thing. But this ad campaign, shot in Bali for Australian clothing label Insight, is genuinely creative. The man behind the camera is star surf photographer Dustin Humphrey: he’s conjured up a… Read more »

  • Alf Weedon

    Alf Weedon

  • Chris Hunter PhotographersRacing Motorcycles ,

    Ben Part from Sideburn Magazine has emailed some wonderful spreads from issue #2. This one took me right back to rainy childhood Saturday afternoons in England, watching Dickie Davis introduce the speedway from Belle Vue in Manchester. The portraits are by motorsports photographer Alf Weedon,… Read more »

  • Bill Phelps

    Bill Phelps

  • Chris Hunter Classic MotorcyclesPhotographersProduction Motorcycles ,,

    Brooklyn photographer Bill Phelps dropped us a line the other day, attaching some images that blew us away. They’re surreal, sensual, and often feature motorbikes. Bill’s style is unusual: sometimes there’s a dusty sepia look, and sometimes a hint of Victoriana. Often, there’s a heady,… Read more »

  • Laverda 1200

    Laverda 1200

  • Chris Hunter Classic MotorcyclesPhotographersProduction Motorcycles ,,

    Tony Starr, a photographer from Melbourne, spotted this motorcycle in the street and squeezed off a quick shot. I’d say it’s a Laverda 1200 from 1978 or thereabouts, a big inline triple weighing almost 250kg. Tony has a real eye for color and the signature… Read more »

  • Frank Scherschel

    Frank Scherschel

  • Chris Hunter Classic MotorcyclesPhotographersRacing Motorcycles

    Google’s archive of Life images is a treasure trove for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. This evocative shot of a Florida motorcycle race comes from renowned Life regular Frank Scherschel, who retired in 1972 to opened a camera store in Sauk County, Wisconsin. Does anyone know what… Read more »

  • Scott Pommier

    Scott Pommier

  • Chris Hunter Photographers

    Vancouver-based photographer Scott Pommier has suddenly caught the attention of the leftfield motorcycle blogs, and rightly so. His eye for composition is wonderful, and his visual storytelling conveys a beguiling sense of freedom. No surprise, then, that motorbikes feature in many of his images.

  • Chen Zhun for FHM

    Chen Zhun for FHM

  • Chris Hunter Custom MotorcyclesPhotographers

    After a decade in Europe, Chen Zhun returned home to become one of Beijing’s top fashion and advertising photographers. This shoot, featuring anonymous US-style custom bikes and a platoon of China’s top models, was created for the local edition of FHM magazine. It’s typical of… Read more »