Production Motorcycles

  • Sommer 462 diesel motorcycle

    Sommer 462 diesel motorcycle

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    Electric isn’t the only alternative to traditional petrol-powered bikes. There are a few diesel motorcycles around, and one of my favorites is the Sommer 462. This one is owned by Lars-Hendrik Schneider, a German living near Salzburg in Austria. Since last summer, he’s been riding… Read more »

  • The original Ducati (350) Scrambler

    The original Ducati (350) Scrambler

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,,

    The ‘scrambler’ look is getting more and more popular by the day, with high pipes and heavily treaded tires becoming de rigeur for many custom motorcycle builders, especially in Europe. I’ve always attributed the look to vintage British bikes, but the appearance of this Ducati… Read more »

  • Bimota DB3 Mantra

    Bimota DB3 Mantra

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    Over the last three decades, Bimota has consistently produced the most outrageously styled motorcycles of any contemporary manufacturer. The DB3 Mantra was the Rimini company’s attempt at a ‘naked bike’, and was styled by Frenchman Sacha Lakic. It was built in two versions—the first in… Read more »

  • Lamborghini Design

    Lamborghini Design

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,,

    In the 1980s, the troubled supercar maker Lamborghini was taken over by the French Mimran brothers. Patrick Mimran discovered he could sell engines to powerboat makers, so he decided to try his luck further—and put Kawasaki engines into Lamborghini-branded motorbikes. The result was the Lamborghini… Read more »

  • Ural Motorcycles

    Ural Motorcycles

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,,

    I’ve always been a fan of Ural bikes. They’re tough and timeless, and in two-wheel-drive sidecar form, can tackle terrain that few other touring bikes can match. Ural’s latest release is the bike you see here, the 2WD Taiga Limited Edition. Based on the popular… Read more »

  • MV Agusta F3

    MV Agusta F3

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    Is this the most beautiful production motorcycle you can buy today? At the EICMA exhibition in Milan, the MV Agusta F3 has just won the poll to find ‘The Most Beautiful Bike of the Show’. More than 12,000 votes were cast, and the F3 captured… Read more »

  • Ducati Diavel

    Ducati Diavel

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    In 1964, Ducati dipped a toe into the large cruiser market with the mighty Apollo, a 1,256cc vee-four heavyweight designed to take on Harley-Davidson in the police market. The Apollo never made it into production, but 46 years later, its spiritual successor has appeared.

  • Kawasaki 250TR

    Kawasaki 250TR

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    The vintage dirtbike influence is growing in the custom scene. Street trackers (like those from Mule Motorcycles) are getting more attention, along with iconic machines from luminaries such as Ron Wood. The vintage motocross scene is booming. And even regular café racers are sporting dirt-track… Read more »

  • Ural Motorcycles sT

    Ural Motorcycles sT

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    You probably associate Ural with sidecar motorcycles. But the new Ural sT has extended the classic Ural experience to solo riders. The company says, “Think of it as a bike that could have been produced by Ural in the 1970s if the engineers were allowed… Read more »

  • Ducati 1198 R Corse

    Ducati 1198 R Corse

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    After a recent run of retro-themed bikes, I’ve been waiting for a contemporary machine to catch my eye. And finally, Ducati has delivered the goods with a 2010 model that will probably be regarded as an all-time classic in 2030. The $39,995 1198 R Corse… Read more »

  • Voxan motorcycles

    Voxan motorcycles

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    In two weeks, the assets of French boutique motorcycle maker Voxan will go under the hammer in Clermont-Ferrand. It’s one of the sadder stories of the Global Financial Crisis, because Voxan was one of the last true independents in the motorcycling world. My favorite Voxan… Read more »

  • Barry Sheene tribute motorcycle

    Barry Sheene tribute motorcycle

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    UPDATE 19 August 2010: Icon has revised the styling of the Sheene. The latest images are on the Icon website. By guest writer Tom Stewart. Looking for the world’s most powerful and expensive production road bike? Well look no further, because according to the newly… Read more »

  • Yamaha Maxam CP250

    Yamaha Maxam CP250

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    When I first stumbled across this odd scooter, I thought it was one of those concepts that would never see the light of day. And yes, the Maxam CP250 did start life as a concept—way back in 2005. But then Yamaha put it into production.… Read more »

  • Moto Gima

    Moto Gima

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    There’s an intriguing story behind this super-stylish motocyclette. Despite appearances, it’s not a vintage machine: it’s an accurate recreation of a 1950s GIMA, and costs just €4,290 (US$6,000). GIMA was a short-lived French manufacturer that made small but stylish bikes from 1947 to 1956, and… Read more »

  • Gas Gas EC 450 Desert

    Gas Gas EC 450 Desert

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    A new enduro model from Spanish manufacturer Gas Gas is attracting interest, with a curious absence of information fanning the flames of curiosity. Details are remarkably scarce on this striking-looking machine; after a brief appearance on Gas Gas’ US website, was it was quietly removed.… Read more »