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Starrider: A CB750K with a street-legal nitrous kit

Custom Honda CB750K motorcycle with a nitrous kit
The CB750 is one of the most customized bikes of the past half-century. But just when we thought we’d seen every possible permutation, along comes something completely different: a DOHC ‘K’ with a nitrous injection system.

‘Starrider’ comes from brothers Lion and Ben Ott of Munich-based Motoism, and it’s road-legal on even the TÜV-strangled roads of Germany. It’s a little bit retro, a little bit futuristic, and dotted with high-tech components and lashings of carbon fiber.

Custom Honda CB750K motorcycle with a nitrous kit
The CB750 is assured of its place in motorcycling’s hall of fame, but the accolades tend to go to the original SOHC models. Appreciation is growing for the 16-valve DOHC models introduced in 1978, though.

And these machines are easier to find (and usually cheaper) on the secondhand market.

Custom Honda CB750K motorcycle with a nitrous kit
Lion and Ben have tried to strike a balance between performance, functionality, and looks. And rather than go all-out for a traditional CB750 café racer vibe, they’ve injected details inspired by flat track and speedway racers—such as enduro handlebars, a full rear wheel disc, and plenty of carbon fiber components.

A lot of the work went into the tank. “It’s probably the lightest CB750 tank in the world!” says Ben. “It’s entirely made from carbon fiber, and we developed a clean shape following the characteristic lines
of the original tank.”

Custom Honda CB750K motorcycle with a nitrous kit
Even more weight has been dropped via a new subframe and seat unit, and the lightweight bars and aluminum pegs from LSL.

The engine has been completely refurbished, with all worn parts replaced, and then soda blasted and painted for a better-than-new finish. Motoism have installed a 4-into-1 stainless exhaust system with matching stainless steel silencer, which should bump output up a little from the 57 kW (77 hp) listed on the official German import specs.

Custom Honda CB750K motorcycle with a nitrous kit
The nitrous system adds 7.7 hp while remaining within TÜV regulations, but this can be cranked up to an extra 23 hp for track use. The bottle is hidden under the seat, along with much of the electrics, and there’s a Bluetooth-enabled Motogadget m.unit to control the electronics.

The nitrous system is activated by a little switch under the fuel tank. It senses the last third of the throttle travel, and starts to add fuel from an additional pump under the tank and NOX directly into the intake sockets.

Custom Honda CB750K motorcycle with a nitrous kit
“We modified the original intake sockets and installed the nitrous/fuel nozzles,” says Lion Ott. “The system can add up to 100% more performance, but for use on German roads we have to limit it to 10% more than the original performance.”

“For racing, that can be changed easily by changing the nozzles in the intake sockets.”

Custom Honda CB750K motorcycle with a nitrous kit
Upgraded suspension keeps the show on the road, with modified fork internals and new Öhlins shocks out back—custom-fitted to level out the stance of the bike. Motoism have also installed a new Brembo brake system, with double discs at the front, and the tires are Continental Classic Attack radials.

Setting the tone for the build is a most original headlight nacelle, made from—you guessed it—carbon fiber. The lamp itself is LED, and in the housing is a Motogadget digital tachometer and a warning light to reveal when the nitrous is kicking in.

Custom Honda CB750K motorcycle with a nitrous kit
The overall aesthetic is sleek and modern, but with just enough of a hint towards the CB750’s heritage. And with a substantial weight drop and a handy horsepower boost, ‘Starrider’ will easily keep up with the cut and thrust of Munich city traffic.

We have a feeling that Soichiro Honda would approve.

Motoism | Facebook | Instagram | Images by Leopold Fiala

Custom Honda CB750K motorcycle with a nitrous kit