Centaur Scooter

Centaur folding scooterThis, believe it or not, is a scooter capable of 40 mph (60 kph). It’s the Centaur, a folding two-wheeler built from 1960 until 1965. It was designed by James Wilford Foster, Lambretta’s US importer, and built by the American Motor Scooter Company. Want to see what it looks like open? Bob Stein of Caroholic can show you.

For an even more unusual scooter, check out this Honda Ruckus from the Californian shop Rucksters.

  • joe clark

    yea, i an really excited about this centaur foldup scooter recently purchased on e-bay. now it will start but seems to me that the carberator needs cleaned.after puttin some 30wt.in the plug hole new plug using starting fluid spray will only run out the either. not a mechanic, so the carb. doesnt have a fuel bowl float. mix gas, now if anybody has some information on what i should try send me a e-mail. joe

  • That’s an amazing scooter! Do you have more info on manufacturers that are currently making these? I have some connections with several scooter companies and it would be awesome to see more of these on the road…


  • Gary

    Anyone want to buy an old one out here in thousand oaks Ca