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Cole Foster Moon Rocket

Cole Foster/Salinas Boys custom motorcycle
Even before he turned his hand to motorcycles, Cole Foster was a big name on the custom scene. His hot rods had the cleanest, simplest styling—and impeccable detailing that few others could match. Then, fortunately for us, Cole and his Salinas Boys company turned their hands to custom motorcycles. Moon Rocket burst onto the custom scene in 2007, and was inspired by the bikes of drag racers such as Leo Payne and Boris Murray. The platform for Moon Rocket was a bobber test ‘roller’ that Cole built for Custom Chrome in 2001, a project that was left to gather dust at the back of a warehouse. Cole got that bobber back and spent three months on the new build. Despite the short timeframe, most parts are custom-made—from the frame to the controls to that raw aluminium fairing, reminiscent of vintage Honda racers. The engine is a 100ci RevTech Evo and the wheels and rear brake are Custom Chrome, with Brembo callipers. Moon Rocket cemented Cole’s reputation as one of the USA’s most talented automotive artists; Hot Bike has a great feature-length article telling the story. [Thanks to Adam Zerbib.]

  • John Gall

    That is one great fairing. Too bad it is on a death-cycle – don’t understand how otherwise intelligent folks can build bikes with no front brakes . . .
    I’m reminded of the commercial where the gentleman says “My tequila bottle cap just poured me a shot . . .” My answer is, “So what?” Which is my response to the moon rocket . . . great fairing, but so what? I’d never ride it without front brakes.
    Yeah, I know, show bike.

  • mingh

    now that is a cool bike.


    Uffff, very, very, very nice. I am charmed with the bike, breaking schemes

  • vrh

    wowser; a Lawill Leader fork amazing stuff that…for sure.

  • I’d give my left nut to have the metal working skills to build a fairing as stunning as that. Cole’s work is fantastic but as John said, not very practical as a daily. I also don’t understand the lack of a front brake…scares the hell outta me.

    I’m gonna be building my own Triumph Bobber in 2010. In Australia the laws have a huge impact on what you can do on a bike and a front brake is definately a must to get a road worthy pass.

  • Tin Man 2

    I would never own a Bike with no front brake, But you should know that the rear brake on a long bike works much better than the rear brake on a Sport Bike. The weight is all on the rear and the length works to negate the transfer to the front wheel. Their not as bad as they look to be.

  • You’re wearing the front brake on your feet. Where do you think the term “Brake Shoes” came from? ;-)