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Colin Seeley Triley

Colin Seeley
Between 1961 and 1967, Colin Seeley was one of Britain’s top sidecar racers. But he’s better known for the motorcycles he developed after retiring, mostly powered by AJS and Matchless engines. If you didn’t have a factory ride, a Seeley bike was the next best thing. The machine here is a ‘Triley’: a Triumph 6T (Thunderbird) engine in a Seeley frame. It’s owned by Frenchman Vincent Michel—who also took the pictures—and designed for hillclimbing and vintage track events. The motor has been enlarged to 750cc and given lightweight high compression pistons and reinforced conrods. The front brake and fork are Seeley originals, and the gearbox is a Quaife six-speed. It’ll be a quick bike, and the lovely paint by Aero Color Design makes it look even faster. [Images © Vincent Michel. Thanks to Frank Charriaut of the highly recommended MotArt website; he’s posted more pictures of this bike here.]

Colin Seeley
Colin Seeley
Colin Seeley
Colin Seeley

  • Joel

    LOL @ Hillclimbing

  • mudplug

    Now completely weak at the knees.

    She’s a stunner.

  • el vencejo

    The last pic is the best…Nice ‘n Naked :)
    Would be great fun to Blast the Back-roads on this one !

  • Seen this one bouncing around the blogosphere. That Seeley frame is a stunner!

  • The paint job is good, so I took a look at their website. Very clear and explicit, but they can’t spell some words in their own language (French), and it is the British flag (the Union Jack) that they paint on the 1050 tank, NOT the English flag, which has only 2 colours (the red St. George cross on a white background).

  • johnrdupree

    @Joel, I think you may have the wrong kind of hillclimbing in mind.
    Look here:

    Also, that front drum makes me drool.

  • KIK

    Im with VENCEJO, naked looks way better, but the fairing is cool too, sweet bike !!

  • Michael Pandzik

    Absolutely fabulous! What a lucky owner!

  • Tinman

    Now that is a Good looking bike!! Compare this to the earlier post of the new MV triple, correct ,there is no comparision. You dont see alot of this metal working skill, a finish this good with no paint or filler is Art of the highest order. The talent of the painter is not to be overlooked either.

  • Joel


    Thank you, clearly I did.

  • Ken

    What a glorious machine…. outstanding!

  • Now you’re talking. So sweet. Love the paintwork and attention to detail.

  • mule

    Seeley was about a jillion years ahead of his time. My favorite bike ever has to be a Seeley Norton and this is a fine example.Yahooo!

  • Skip W

    Incredible bike. Even got KIK’s approval, even though the saddle is totally unpadded.

  • KIK

    @ SKIP, the seat pan is fiberglass,(doesn’t conduct heat) and the pipe runs by the side with a heat shield,(not under the aluminum seat) it didnt take a genius “artist”designer to build it, obviously just a guy that rides..

  • I’ve always loved th Seeley-framed machines. Brilliant design. I wonder why the Japanese never copied it in the 70s?

  • I’ve always loved the Seeley-framed machines. Brilliant design. I wonder why the Japanese never copied it in the 70s?

  • Stunning!

  • E S

    Hill climb not hill climbing. Like Pikes Peak on a paved road, a timed one way run up a closed road.

  • still can’t get enough of this Seeley Triley. there are a few videos of start up and run of this beast floating around youtube and i gotta say, the sound is amazing.