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Confederate P120 Fighter

Confederate P120 Fighter
Memo to Batman: here’s the next release from Confederate, America’s highest-profile boutique motorcycle brand. it’s called the P120 Fighter, and it’s scheduled to ruffle feathers at the swanky Quail gathering in Carmel in mid-August. The P120 retains Confederate’s signature skeletal styling, but avoids the nose-heavy looks of the B120 Wraith. The girder-style front suspension is still there, but in a much more elegant form, and the metallurgy surrounding the huge 120ci engine is a work of art. No word on exact specifications or pricing yet, and we’re betting that it won’t be cheap—but it’ll be worth every cent.

  • Does it come in black?

  • Andrew

    Almost lost my coffee…shockingly beautiful

  • $110 000. To order, call 1-877-9NM-GIFT

  • JR

    does this thing have handlebars?? also…. why is it floating?

    beautiful steampunk awesomeness

  • 6mt

    i feel they took a step back on their design. look kind of ugly, the B120 is way better looking and utilized better material to built, it almost feels like they did it to to make fun of those trendy rich folks who wants to be biker-badasses.

  • Strange place to flog a motorbike. The catalogue includes:
    # Prada Women’s
    # Burberry
    # David Yurman
    # La Mer
    # Manolo Blahnik

  • Bob

    such a lovely looking bike, truely beautiful!

  • When a custom Vincent just isn’t expensive enough…

  • Terry Thompson

    Looks more like a Buell hybrid, six figure, garage queen to me. Not impressed

  • Ben M

    Nice workmanship, interesting as an object. Hard to judge it as a motorbike, completely impractical and unattainable.

  • chris

    mmmm not sure about that 1. i think they can make it more appealing

  • I like the overall visual impact of this bike but some of the functionality concerns me. The seat is what I am talking about. It looks really painful due to the size. But I really like that design though.