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Crossbreed Alfabeast

Crossbreed Alfabeast custom motorcycle
Crossbreed Cycles is a one-man operation. That man is Chris Barber, and it looks like he’s something of a genius. His Alfabeast not only looks ‘right’, it’s also a technological tour de force. The engine is Alfa Romeo’s celebrated 2.5-liter V6, which first appeared in 1979 and pumps out 156 bhp. The mill breathes through a pair of Weber downdraught carbs—check the cut-outs on the tank—and six separate exhaust pipes, all around four feet long. To keep things cool, there are radiators for both water and oil, and a Harley four-speed box handles drivetrain duties. The frame is a Kraft Tech hardtail and the forks and braking system come from a Kawasaki ZXR-750 superbike. It’s the sort of thing that could so easily look a real mess, but it just hangs together beautifully. And I bet that Italian V6 sounds nothing short of incredible when kick-started into life. Head over to the excellent DucCutters site for more information on Alfabeast.

  • Jolyon

    I found this a while ago whilst doing some research into Alfa, the cut outs in the tank are the a gorgeous details.

    Other details I love, the exposed right-side cams and the heat lagging on the ‘zorsts

  • mingh

    this one puts a big grin on my face! hats off for its originality, guts and style. To put a kickstarter on this beast is pure class.

  • Tin Man 2

    Quite an effort, Very nice work!! I only wonder what it weighs, I looked and looked but could find no details. It looks like it may be under 800Lbs, if so that would be great.

  • Matt

    holy crap that is incredible

  • Kozzy

    What Matt said.

  • Wow! That motor looks great.

  • kim scholer

    Now compare this gem to the world’s most vulgar car-engined motorcycle, the Boss Hoss (which nevertheless sells quite well).

    Alfas rule!

  • That’s phenomenal! Would love to know how much it weighs and whether those front discs have any trouble stopping it.

  • Turgut


    Of all the things I liked about this bike, sticking out the carb intakes thru the tank is on top of my list. Confident, consistent and very original work. I bet this concept would also look as good on a sort of CB 750 naked bike chassis too.

    I really wonder about how the engine sounds. Six separate pipes, I can’t imagine..

    Thanks Mr. Barber!

  • Video or it never happened. But seriously, we NEED to hear this thing, including kicking it into life.

  • bxrwgn33

    This… this is pure awesome. I want to hear this thing!
    such a wicked idea, and perfectly executed!

  • Ken

    Fantastic project!!! The Alfa Romeo 12 valve engine is 375 pounds.