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Crossbreed Alfabeast

Crossbreed Alfabeast custom motorcycle
Crossbreed Cycles is a one-man operation. That man is Chris Barber, and it looks like he’s something of a genius. His Alfabeast not only looks ‘right’, it’s also a technological tour de force. The engine is Alfa Romeo’s celebrated 2.5-liter V6, which first appeared in 1979 and pumps out 156 bhp. The mill breathes through a pair of Weber downdraught carbs—check the cut-outs on the tank—and six separate exhaust pipes, all around four feet long. To keep things cool, there are radiators for both water and oil, and a Harley four-speed box handles drivetrain duties. The frame is a Kraft Tech hardtail and the forks and braking system come from a Kawasaki ZXR-750 superbike. It’s the sort of thing that could so easily look a real mess, but it just hangs together beautifully. And I bet that Italian V6 sounds nothing short of incredible when kick-started into life. Head over to the excellent DucCutters site for more information on Alfabeast.