LSL Triumph TL-675

LSL TL-675, a Triumph Street Triple custom motorcycle
One of our favorite European mainland builders is LSL of Krefeld in Germany. They specialize in trick Triumph conversions, and revealed this new concept at the recent EICMA motorcycle show. LSL supports the Street Triple Cup in Germany, so the TL-675 is inspired by the company’s 126 hp racer. (A more street-oriented cam drops the power down to 115 hp, which is still about 8% more than stock.) Aside from the new fairing, LSL has fitted its own clip-ons, rearsets and adjustable levers, and installed a GSX-R750 fork in a modified triple tree. The bike weighs just 190 kg with all fluids, which should be easily handled by the Nissin brakes and Öhlins rear shock. The eye-catching paintwork is modeled after a P-51 Mustang; the bike is nicknamed Warbird, and designer Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler reckons it will cost around €16,000 (US$24,000) when it goes on sale. Production versions will have the Kayaba 41mm upside down forks from the Street Triple R—with adjustable preload, rebound and compression damping—and engine modifications will cost extra according to spec. The standard Street Triple is hard to improve upon, but doesn’t this one look like fun?

  • wow, pricy, but oddly sexy… the sectional, almost modular look to the body is really interesting, i definitely like it (but i have a fondness for 675’s).

  • Josh

    God, what modern sport bikes should look like, perfect, this and the thunderduc are my favorites

  • Turgut

    I just can’t take my eyes off the TL-675 script in the tail part. My God this is an ugly font.

  • Dan watters

    Not bad
    front looks too much like a sv650 for my liking though good job with the rest though
    specs are good!
    Well done

  • zunkus

    I think the look is what the next sportbikes would look like. The trend is towards less plastics and more show of the mechanics. A minimalist approach. Already Honda and Yamaha are doing this with their 600cc sportbikes. I also like the exhaust. I’d love to have that on my bike. Very motoGP, less clutter, weight and shows more of the wheel. Clean.

  • Matt

    Aesthetically, it kinda looks EXACTLY like a Firebolt. That said, I’m rather partial to Buells and I think the Firebolt is a quasi-attractive-esque bike; and this Triumph has a slightly sleeker profile, more power, and certainly less weight.