Introducing Cycle EXIF

Bike porn from Cycle EXIFAfter raising the garage door in a low-key kinda way last week, we’ve now got the wheels spinning properly on our latest venture—Cycle EXIF.

The site follows the same format as Bike EXIF, but focuses on the most interesting classic and custom bicycles. It’s sponsored by hip Italian cyclewear company Pistard, and edited by Australian-based designer (and ex-courier) Adam Leddin. Readers will get a daily dose of road, cyclocross and fixed gear bikes, plus the odd BMX and mountain bike, and plenty of randonneurs (Adam’s particular fetish).

As with Bike EXIF, you can get your pushie posts via a free email or an RSS feed. There’s a Twitter account that’s growing fast too. If you like it, please spread the word by joining the Facebook page.

Any tips on bikes we should feature?

Cycling Edge Independent Fabrications
J P Weigle 650b Mixte
MAP Cycles Randonneur
Alan Super Record Carbonio

  • johnc

    wow … now bicycle porn to drool over.

    how long until you introduce espresso machine exif? ;-)

    keep up the great work … you have LOTS of fans.


  • duane

    Thanks now even less work is getting done around here. can’t wait to see more

  • Anton


  • Robotic Buttocks

    Baby, you have read my mind. Thanx guys

  • paul

    Funny enough…I had already discovered this from somewhere else and now have one more thing on my list to do every day!

  • Thanks guys. And “Espresso EXIF”? That’s not a bad idea!

  • Pamberjack

    Excellent work! Keep it up, guys.

  • jazie

    For tips, I wouldn’t mind seeing some crazy 80’s campy cycle that broke the record for most drilled out parts – the ultimate swiss cheese weightsaver? There must be a few out there…

  • Megawatty

    All over the Cycle EXIF twitter & facebook page. And I thought life couldn’t get any better with Bike EXIF. I dip my lid to you Chris & Adam. Keep up the awesome work. Matt

  • paulo

    as George Orwell said “two wheels good four wheels bad”

    nice to see some fat powered bike porn.

  • Morgan Pond

    Are we going to see recumbents (two and three wheeled)?

  • Tenaya

    Interesting, but not enough horsepower :-)

  • kim of Copenhagen

    Oh f***, another site I inevitably will be checking out every day….

  • Ron Mason

    Anything with 2 wheels is my passion. Now I can get my fix on both sites. Keep up the excellant work.

  • mingh

    i’m sure this one will rise far above the ‘post your bike forums’ that are so dull that they can be used as psychological warfare.

    any proposals:
    -as little road bikes as possible. Too boring. If mankind would have evolved at the speed of road bikes, we still wouldn’t be walking upright for a few millennia.
    -Palmer’s Intense M1
    -any vintage yeti
    -John Tomac’s DH bike with drop bars
    -Vintage BMX bikes
    -Sunn Radical then and now
    -handmade bikes only

  • w

    waiting for more :) great!