Death Spray Custom

Custom Yamaha by Death Spray Custom
We first noticed David Gwyther of Death Spray Custom a year or so ago, when he was painting motorcycle helmets and skateboards better than anyone else. The London-based artist is now aiming for the big time, with a raft of cool collaborations to his name—including a pushbike frame for Monocle magazine. Gwyther is obviously a Yamaha fan: in the past he’s customized a TMAX scooter, and his latest machine is this ‘Boner Brigade’ Yamaha XS650, with an eye-catching Keith Haring-style paintjob. The well-lit photography is by Shamil Tanna, who is represented by the same creative agency as illustrator Stevie Gee, Gwyther’s main collaborator.

  • flah_koh

    Really guys? I always love what your taste serves up but this one is a turd! Early 80’s paint job, unnoticeable mods and look at that seat! Not worth a second glance.