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Derringer Cycles

Derringer Cycles
Interest in ‘motorized bicycles’ is growing, and the Derringer is one of the best. This “neo-classical interpretation” of a 1920s-era board track racer is the creation of industrial designer Adrian Van Anz, who wanted to fill the missing link between his Ducati and his Schwinn. (We wonder if he’s seen the delightful Ducati Cucciolo?)

Power comes from a bang-up-to-date 49cc Honda four-stroke engine, which gives 150 mpg. “From the white tires, manufactured without the use of carbon black, to the hand made leather saddles with hammered copper rivets, each Derringer is a beautifully crafted objet d’ art. The finished product is a pure vintage racer, re-imagined for a concrete jungle.”

Thanks Scott Nathan.

  • Tim

    I am blown away with how simple and beautiful these bikes are. Makes me want to build one myself.


    Beautifully done. Derringer’s looks like a larger tank than stock so good for an extra few miles!

  • b nameless

    Or $2.5K on ebay, right now.

    seems like a pretty steep price, even with the no lic. 150 MPG tricks, $10K and you have a banker, lawyer, doctor toy, not a practical means of transportation.

  • Scott Nathan

    The Derringer is $3,500. Not $10K. Excuse the mixup.

  • nothin but a crappy beach cruiser with flipped bars, brooks saddle, and general 5 star moped tank, oh and a crappy chinese motor. make one yourself for a couple hundred

    this company bought out all of the existing nos 5 star tanks, kinda screwing all of us moped kids over in a way

  • My friend is designing and building bikes similar to these at half the cost.

    Check it out:

    He said there website will be up soon but you can see a working sample of it at: