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Deus 1200 V-Twin café racer

Deus 1200 V-Twin cafe racer Harley-Davidson custom motorcycle
Deus has put the 562 lb Harley-Davidson Nightster onto a weight-loss programme and created a motorcycle with looks that could kill. The new Deus 1200 V-Twin is one of the best bikes yet to come out of the Australian custom emporium, and it’s left us salivating. The clumsy stock seat is swapped out for an elegant bobber-style item, installed behind a modified Yamaha SR400 tank with a quick release strap. The rear end and front fender are truncated, and the look is as tight as a gnat’s ass. Harley is coy about the horsepower of its pushrod ‘Evolution’ motor—probably about 65, we reckon—but it can now breathe a little easier thanks to a custom 2-into-1 pipe, a new injection map and a workout on the dyno. (The standard belt drive is left untouched, but there are kits if you really feel the need to keep something lubricated.) In keeping with the café racer theme, Deus adds clip-on bars, Storz rearsets and a simply stunning paint job. The detailing, finish and styling tweaks are beyond compare, so it’ll cost around A$28,000 (US$26,000) to put one of these in your garage. Contact Deus if you’re interested.

  • the other larry

    $26K? Wake the hell up!

  • McMad

    65 hp? Dream on, only about 55-57

  • Brennan

    Put a real engine in it.

  • JR


  • uncle

    i have to agree with JR it looks very good:)
    it’s a HD so not much hp, but lots pf torque

  • Matt

    That’s a pretty motorcycle.

  • ianj

    $26k …. well OTT for a sporster I agree! However, I live in Duabi and I never stop being amazed at the amounts of money spent on frankley, nasty and very ‘cheap’ looking Harleys (and cars) here. This is a very cool bike although I think that I will leave it for a cool rich arab to buy ……………..PS, I have not come across one yet but perhaps there is one out there!!! LOL

  • RetroGrouch

    You gotta be kidding me. This is a bad joke right? I’ve seen some very nice Sportster specials, this is not one of them.

  • not the same Matt as above

    Alright, I voted for you, now here are my two cents:

    I think most other bikes that Deus have made look a lot better than that. Now, I don’t mean that as a knock against them, it’s just that TW200s, W650s, and SR400s are better suited to the types of customs that they make. And the customs that they make are, in my estimation, some of the classiest looking and most rideable bikes out there. It’s just that there is no way to make that Sportster not look pudgy.

  • Victa

    ….now, put an old baldy bloke on it in the upright seating poition that it looks to command……………man, I think they would have to take $10k off the price to get rid of it…….

  • Jonny

    Its nice to see bikes being customized and made lighter. I don’t think too many owners will worry about the lack of power when they are posing around Bondi though.

    Deus are obviously brilliant at marketing their brand, and I like their bikes but if I had that kind of money to spend I would go to Mule for something more bespoke.

  • That bike is gorgeous in my opinion. It’s got a great stance to it, and if you look on their site, a nice riding position as well. (Not upright like victa said).

    That being said, Deus overprices the hell out of everything with their name on it.

    Custom Motorcycle: $26k
    Custom road bike: $3k
    Deus T SHIRT: $89

    But god damn can they market their brand. I still love mostly everything they do and are about. I just don’t know if I’ll ever have the money to afford any of it.

  • Follow up comment:

    wrenchmonkees is a bit more affordable. :)

  • Kozzy

    I think it’s beautiful as a design exercise, but as already mentioned numerous times, the price spoils it. I would think a good craftsman could buy a cheap sportster and do this to it themselves for half that price.

  • Lobo

    Seriously folks,

    If you’d like one, buy yourself a BRAND NEW sportser, (10 grand), bobber parts and rattle can paint job for around 1 and save around 15 grand.

    OK may be 14 grand if your’re not so handy with wrench.

    Unless of course you are Brad Pitt……………………

  • I think they did an amazing job with the styling on this bike. As for power I wouldn’t care personally as I’m sure it goes fast enough for me. I wouldn’t be racing it. I wouldn’t pay 26k. i’ll never have that much money to pay for any bike ever but if you had a sportser/nightster that you picked up for $4 – 6k I love this look and it would cost less than 1k to do the work yourself.

    great looking bike.

  • To all the comments about how “I could make that bike for half the price” – the point is, you didn’t. You didn’t visualize the concept and you didn’t execute it. It’s much easier to replicate someone else’s exceptional design then it is to create your own. So yea, you might be able to replicate the bike for less money, but would you rather own an original oil painted Picasso or a copy printed off at Kinkos?

  • ianj

    i think that although many could make a similar design much cheaper someone made the point that they did not. I must agree that that is a wholy valid point. I am an architect and design the occasional thing or two. It never fails to disapoint me that few put value on design and believe it to be a freeby.

    There is a story attributed to Rubens the Duch artist. Seemingly when told that his painting was not worth anything like the 30 guilders price he put on it he responded that it was 1 guilder for the painting and 29 gilders for the liftime of experience and applied competance.

    I commented earlier that I would not pay so much for this bike, however my ecconomic shortfalls do not negate the fact that I would be very happy to own such a piece.

    so theres my 2 guilders worth…..

  • David Pearcy

    I’ve just seen this bike in the British MCN and it blew my socks off. I’ve been looking at cafe racers on and off for years but there’s always been something wrong with the designs. However, for me, Deus have hit the nail on the head (except for the drillings). What a mean machine but what a shame its based on a tractor.

  • SkipW

    Look, I think it’s a pretty cool looking bike, however, I built a Harley 1200 bike about 15 years ago that was way cooler. When you get a chance check out Steve Storz’s Cafe Racer. I based my bike on his, except I fell in love with a Corbin flat tracker saddle, so didn’t put the dug-out single seat on it. I suppose I had a kind of hybrid cafe/tracker bike (next month Deus will probably be building one of those). I sprayed it the same Harley orange as the XR750 flat trackers of the 60’s. One of the things that I did on mine which Deus, shame on you, haven’t done, is put longer shocks on the back to make the bike sit up and turn quicker. The Deus bike would still handle the same way as the original bike, which believe me, ain’t good. Only problem with these kind of bikes, and it’s what Eric Buell figured out after about 20 years playing with Harleys, is that the engines make a great sound, but don’ t go very hard. You can look as cool as hell, but if you keep getting dusted at the lights, it gets a bit embarrassing. As Dave Pearcy said, the engines are a bit tractor like. Having said all that, I like the Deus brand, and so what if it’s overpriced, they sell bikes to blokes who have the cash and can’t be bothered spending 3 months in the shed cutting bits off a Harley.


    looks great, but why would I pay 26,000US when I could copy it for 12,000US

  • If you have the time, the design nous and fabrication skills to be able to produce something like that for US$12,000, you should set yourself up in business and go for it—you’ll make a killing. Assuming you allow yourself some profit margin.

  • Mammapazza

    Since I saw this beauty for the very first time I fell in love…If I’ve had 26k I certainly buy it…but I don’t. Instead I’m the proud owner of a red Triumph Thruxton ’08 which is already a beauty but by picking few ideas from this one…It’ll look even better. Thanks

  • Being a good way into my second ground-up cafe build, (a ’76 KZ900), I have to laugh at the posts saying that ‘you could build this for half the money’. I’m going to go ahead and guess that you are billing yourself at about 3¢/hr.

    Building a custom machine takes time. Time to figure out what over-all design you like for this project. Time to hear what the bike is telling you it needs. Time to source the right parts (for the right price). Time to actually do the work and time to solve those problems that inevitably show up when you re-purpose parts.

    I lost count of the hours on my last project and I’ve probably already have something like 60 hours into the current build and I’m still working on the frame and suspension.

    If, like me, you like to wrench in the pre-dawn hours before work, you can build a bike for half that amount. I love it. If, however, you just want to ride and have the means, $26k for a beautifully realized custom, doesn’t seem half-bad to me.

  • scott

    Well, it’s the best looking Harley powered bike I’ve seen. Considering that custom choppers run in the neighborhood of $40-80K, the price isn’t that bad. If you want something for around $10,000, I’m sure you could pick up a W650 or a Ural. But who cares, they’re shit.