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Deus SR500 street tracker

SR500 street tracker
Most Yamaha SR-based customs hark back to the golden age of cafe racers. But the Australian specialist Deus has taken a jump into the future with its tough-looking SR542, nicknamed “The Mono.” This particular machine started life as a 1978 SR500, but you’d never know: it’s been upgraded beyond recognition.

It’s packing custom Öhlins suspension front and back, a heavily breathed-upon 542cc motor, a modified frame and a two piece-reverse cone silencer. According to Deus, the muffler “provides great back pressure on the engine, and enough bark to satisfy the next door neighbours’ solicitors.”

Yamaha SR500 street tracker
Here’s the spec:

Blacked out SR 542cc engine with flat slide carb, flowed head and race exhaust, airbox removal.

Mono-shock stretched swingarm conversion, Ohlins inverted front and mono-shock rear, 320mm flating front disc, Braking 4-piston caliper, braided brake lines, wide front and rear wheels with stainless spokes, and K180 tires in 130mm front and 180 rear sizes.

Billet alloy top and triple trees, 5.5″ headlight with mess cover, Pro Taper handlebars, stainless speedo and tacho.

Alloy XT-style tank, w650 seat adaption, LED stop light, billet indicators, ignition relocation kit, stainless front fender, alloy foot pegs.

Yamaha SR500 street tracker
Yamaha SR500 street tracker
Yamaha SR500 street tracker
Yamaha SR500 street tracker

  • I love Deus. Their bikes make me happy, and this street tracker could spark new interest for a lot of guys with older bikes collecting dust here in the states.

  • JR

    Would it really be that hard for someone to manufacture a hot mono like this and sell it for around 5 grand????

    Come ON! you’re killin’ me smalls.

  • OLGV.

    uahaaaau, my old love was another DEUS [W650 Street Tracker] … but this one it make me can’t sleep :| …

  • aoelus

    It’d be a real blast on unpaved back roads.

  • dejean

    Amazing how deus keep proving that jap bikes CAN be exciting, great looking and sharp.

  • ben

    Cool as – hope we can see some new models out of this classic style.

  • Jr

    Does anyone know how much these will retail for in the U.S.? I need to own one or two!

  • Massi

    The Mono cost 23000 euros in Italy….there’s only one in U.S.A., in L.A. and it’s Orlando Bloom’s bike…

  • Nat Taubman

    For all you boys in Aus … I’m unfortunately selling my Deus … if you’re interested.