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Ducati 750 GT

Ducati 750 GT
I’ve always thought the early 70s Ducati 750 GT was a looker. That silver frame, the flat seat, the hint of metalflake in the paint and the upswept exhausts: it’s the archetype of the classic retro style so popular today. The ‘round case’ GT was designed by Fabio Taglioni, and was also the first Ducati to feature the now-familiar L-twin motor. The images here show a 1972 model; after being restored, it spent ten years in a shed, unridden. A few days ago it was wheeled out, the dust was brushed off, and it was taken to the Toulouse studio of French motorcycle photographers Guerry and Prat. As you might expect, they’ve done a superlative job. Enjoy.

Ducati 750 GT
Ducati 750 GT
Ducati 750 GT

  • Dcaonoek

    Stunning, The 70’s Ducati’s are just beautiful machines. It was a 1976 Ducati 900SS that made me fall in love with motorcycles, but this one takes the cake.

  • elven

    Why don’t the sheds where I live have hidden gems like this ?????

  • James

    class. It isn’t often I look at a bike and not think of way to chop off parts. This stock bike seems to achieve what so many custom bikes aim for – a seamless, low profile, sporty look that stays true to classic form.

  • Byron Loibl

    perfect. one of the very first motorcycles that i saw as a kid and really paid attention to, beautiful then and beautiful now.

  • Anonymous

    Simple, purposeful, elegant, honest – stunning!

  • Lpc0001

    Gorgeous bike but those photos dont look real. They look like computer generated images. They could’ve done a better job photographing such a sexy bike

  • Gebeme

    “Well, I finally finished restoring my vintage Ducati. Should I ride it or stuff it in the back of my shed? Shed.”

    • Dcaonoek

      How true. What was he thinking?

  • jayel

    send one of those to me and I will forgive all of your sins

  • BoxerFanatic

    Very nice original bike.

    That blue shur is purty! :D

  • Imtheotherguy69

    Some bikes have a certain timeless elegance, this is one.

  • Computer User

    It’s sad that Ducati can produce something like this, then bring out the Drivel. Maybe with Rossi around they’ll get a clue.

    • BoxerFanatic

      They also produce the 1198, and the Sport Classic 1000 and GT1000, Monster, and Hypermotard. Even if you don’t like the Diavel, which I would agree with, there are others.

      I would be very, very tempted by a sport classic 1000 in this color blue, maybe with the bullet fairing installed.

    • Mule

      I think that Rossi will spend the bulk of his time racing MotoGP and probably won’t be in the “Retro Design Dept” but maybe 10-15 hours a week. Bummer though.

  • tq

    ahhh. a ducati street bike with a kickstart. all is right with the world this friday!

  • Skippermike

    Absolute perfection in form and substance.

  • Meat

    Thank you!

  • Doc M

    Fantastic bike. I’m sure I’ll be casting a vote for this bike as one of the best shown on this site for 2011.

  • Otong

    there are good reason why this duc didnt excel with their sales.. reability !!

  • bryguy9

    Huh. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that I guess. Chris, you are just going to have to keep trying. You’ve taught me to love the beemer, and embrace the guzzi. But I still don’t get the duck. And this one doesn’t help at all. Nothing is working for me here except the blue paint. I will grant you that it is one heck of a shed find.

    • Sandramiller5956

      Glad you said it before me, The Tin and paint are very nice, but the frame rails are not parrellel and the lines of the engine don’t match any of the frame lines. I can respect a Ducati for its performance, but the real beauty is the running gear not the looks.

  • Lancehouston

    I think that there is beauty in the round case bevel engine. Fabio Taglioni hit a home run with
    that design. I ran across a round case on Ebay for sale in the 5-figures!!
    I wonder what the total run was on that power plant.

  • RD350

    I agree that the 750GT was an unappreciated beauty. That one however is not. Has anyone else mentioned that that paint is not a Ducati color?

    The original 750GTs were metal flake orange/red, brownish and gold.

    With that great round case motor .. the second prettiest motor ever made (beside the Vincent V-Twin) .. it could be a beautiful bike. Real paint, a better choice of rear shocks and a polishing would be a good start.

    • stempere

      Agreed on the shocks, but that rear view is quite a vision nonetheless…
      Ride it damned!

  • paul

    Lovely, I went for a classic club ride today, There were 2 of these there, both in the original colours and both very tidy, and best of all both being ridden!!!

  • These classic Ducs from their heyday are just flat out beautiful. The new retro models they produce, while neat, simply don’t compare.

  • Backhome77

    Absolutely stunning bike! Thank you for making my day a little bit better.
    Now someone just needs to ride that thing.

  • thunderdog

    I work at a local shop and get to ride one of these bikes. Same year but red. The thing is a musical instrument. What a sound. And it works incredibly well for a 1974, rock solid and smooth.