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Ducati Cucciolo

Ducati Cucciolo bicycle reproduction
There’s a story behind most interesting motorcycles, and so it is with this remarkable little machine. Between 1946 and 1948, Ducati produced the Cucciolo or ‘Puppy’, a motor-powered bicycle. In 2005, Mark Savory and Bill Johnson decided to create a modern interpretation of the Cucciolo, using a 48cc 2-stroke single cylinder and the frame from a Schwinn single-speed pushbike.

The frame was rebuilt to incorporate a gas tank, repainted, and fitted with new wheels and hub assemblies. The result is delightful; it’s one of many unusual Ducati bike projects detailed on the riveting DucCutters website.

  • Justin SawFinger

    Very pretty, love the red. Would love something like this for nipping about beach side or lake side holiday villages.

  • JR

    Beautiful frame.

    4-stroke maybe??

  • Ben

    Is there any brake somewhere?

  • serre william

    bonjour ou peut ont acheter le cucciolo en france

  • I don’t think this is for sale in France, unfortunately. It’s a one-off.

  • Roger

    I have a Ducati Cucciolo -56, 4 stroke engine.
    I am a member in the “small wheel” club here, and its only three registered here i Norway.
    Done a lot of reasearch for spare parts, and was lucky to get my hands on the right part to have fully restored the engine and the bike.
    I have had it now for about 15 years and with the magnets restored it starts an goes like clock.
    Just like Haley with a little bit lighter woice.
    I am considering to sell it no.
    PS. it is almost like a museum objecy.