Ducati custom: DSC ‘Bite’

Ducati motorcycle by Death Spray Custom
One of the strangest stories from World War II is that of the Flying Tigers—the nickname for three fighter squadrons of US volunteers that flew for the Chinese Air Force. They’re best known today for the shark face nose art that decorated their planes, and that’s the inspiration for this Ducati custom.

‘Bite’ is the latest work from London artist Death Spray Custom, and it’s apparently a Ducati ‘1026’. There are no mechanical details available, so I’m wondering if the engine is a 996 that’s been upgraded with Fast By Ferracci’s 1026 Stroker Kit. The paint effect is clearly amazing though—and guaranteed to give drivers palpitations if approaching fast in the rear view mirror.

Images © Neil Bridge.

Ducati motorcycle by Death Spray Custom
Ducati motorcycle by Death Spray Custom
Ducati motorcycle by Death Spray Custom

  • YJH

    I guess this one is for Christian Audigier, don’t you think Vince

  • Joelsephstalin

    …OM NOM NOM!

  • mrdick

    Nice bike. I like the idea of a Flying Tigers tribute, but do take exception to their exploits being categorized as “strange”. Valorous is more like it, and that valour extended all the way up to the evacuation of Saigon at the end of the Viet Nam war.

  • Maruice Poonwhiddle

    Great idea of a Flying Tiger tribute … but the execution is garishly overdone. Less is more most of the time.

  • Turgut

    At some point it started looking like the decorations on an oriental carpet to me..

  • Pamberjack

    Teeth? Oh right. Yeah. Um – no.

  • D

    If I saw that approaching in my rear view mirror I’d have hysterics, not palpitations.

  • francois

    With no lights or mirrors I don’t think anyone wil be seeing that in a rear-view mirror anytime soon.

  • BM

    That is hideous. It takes alot to spoil a ducati, but someone has managed to do it.

  • http://www.bendpress.com Jenks

    Whoa… too much Flying Tiger.

  • teo


  • http://ninefeet-ocean.blogspot.com/ ninefeet

    c’est un poisson d’avril ??

  • http://www.evmc2.com Ted Dillard

    sorry… FAIL.

  • Marc Farina

    … runs on colgate, huh?

  • Josh

    Wow, tough crowd. I actually like this one. I feel vaguely threatened and uneasy. It’s like a Ducatimonster that will haunt my dreams. No, I don’t think I could ride it, but it sure is cool to look at.

  • Tin Man 2

    I never thought anything could be less tastefull than an OCC bike, but alas I was wrong. Just another example of trying to hard to get noticed.

  • Greg

    Too much imo…. looks like a Mexican blanket.

  • http://electrovelocity.com/ Benjamin @ EV

    A little over-done. It it looks like someone dropped a tiger shark in a blender.

  • teophrastus


  • http://www.coroflot.com/D_Mucci Mucci

    HILARIOUS. I hardly think the creator could have been serious about this paint scheme. It looks more like it was specifically done to fly in the face of all the “tuners” out there rocking the Flying Tigers art on their cars. It’s humorous to me – in a satirical way.

  • PeteP

    Yeah, a bit overdone. One set of teeth would have been sufficient, along with the AVG squadron logo and the eyes.

  • http://beingtotallysweetinchicago.blogspot.com/ Ira

    DSC has the best sense of humor in motorcycle design and skills to back it up. Well done.

  • http://www.nologowhalewatch.com four-banger-fighter

    The ‘Mexican blanket’ comment is my favourite so far…. I don’t think this bike is enough, on its own, to tarnish the extraordinary taste and eye for machine-sculpture bike-exif has shown since I signed up. In fact, something like this helps keep this site from feeling like the enthroned arbiters of what is and what is not moto-art. This one feels a bit like the sportbike version of an Orange County Chopper theme machine. Ugh.

  • David Enfield

    Sad .

  • Jay Allen

    agreed on the Mex blanket. While I appreciate his intent, a more thoughtful version would use less teeth, and maybe the red angel and a tiger in the air. Thought about putting teeth on the tank of my Superglide, then I saw it in a magazine by somebody else.

  • mattro

    let this be a lesson: in design, it’s necessary to take a critical back-step every so many forward — lest tunnel vision and mania set in and you wind up with something truly monstrous.

  • Sam

    You don’t like it eh?… Bite me!

  • bob

    Doood – there’s still room above the exhaust pipes to add some more teeth!! And on the seat! You could embroider the teeth pattern onto the seat! And the Tires! You could of had white-walls, but with little black triangles to look like, TEETH! Geez! And don’t even get me started on the grips! They’re blank!!!! WTF? Why no teeth there?????!!!!!!

  • richM

    Everyone is wrong – this is ace.

    It’s clearly not supposed to be a theme bike like OCC, it’s more about putting graphic design elements that arent traditionally used in the bike industy (shite pseudo flames etc) on a modern bike – the WWII thing is kind of the second suggestion after you initially see the bike (in my mind anyway).

    I think that’s particularly relevant given that it’s a bike often bought by city types and sunday power rangers, most of whom would be too worried about affecting the re-sale value. This shows that the owner (a genuine racer and guy with style) cares more about function than form so he doesn’t have to have a shiny red ducati like they have in all the mens magazines.

    oh god i’ve been drawn in…disregard this if you dont agree…DSC are brilliant though and doing something they beleive in.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/dan_dan2/ Danny Clark

    def customizing something that hasn’t been done before, even since duc is sooo high end
    High art meets low art
    might want to check out their work


  • Rozza

    Utter crap… woeful execution of a bad idea

  • mingh

    first look : awful. second look: awesome.
    It’s so overdone that it becomes a statement of its own. I like the blasphemy, and the middle finger up to conventional thinking on how bike should look and be painted.

    I’ll never ride a crotch rocket, but the day i do, i’d surely consider upsetting the crowds with such paintjob!

  • isaak

    Like it, impressive machine and great paint work. I doubt I would buy one in those “colours” but it definitely deserves respect and admiration. Love the 3rd pic!

  • http://willbarras.com Will

    love it or hate it, it provokes a big reaction,
    job well done, its wicked!

  • Hele Vetica


  • stickysox

    I’ve seen gay porn that wasn’t this gay.