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A Ducati for the Flat Track

Ducati GT1000-based flat track motorcycle
Believe it or not, this muscular-looking Ducati started life as a 2007 GT1000. Then it went into the workshop of Ohio-based Lloyd Brothers Motorsports.

They gave the engine a big bore kit using Pistal pistons, taking the capacity from 992 to 1078cc. The ECU was swapped for a Nemesis unit and the stock airbox was binned in favor of K&N filters. The chassis is purely custom: it’s a single top-tube, dual down-tube frame with a side-mounted single Penske shock. The forks are Yamaha YZF600 and wheels are seven-spoke PMs.

The ‘Red Menace’ was ridden by Larry Pegram earlier this year in the AMA Flat Track Grand National Championship, and the full story is in the latest Sideburn magazine.

  • AP

    I realy like this bike.
    Can anyone recommend a book or something about bikes like these?
    And also about street trackers.

  • V

    That would be The Complete Book of Flat Track Racing to be found at a scandalous deal here . Also, sideburn the rulez.

  • t.gohl

    kinda smashed up and gross, looks awful, Ducati it is not. sorry!

  • c’mon t.gohl, it is a racebike…a flat track racebike

  • You would never guess it is basically a Sportclassic! And if you think that is cool, how about a Ducati 749 powered flattracker!!

  • Bob Hadden

    I’ve been going to dirt track races for 30 years, from San Jose, Albuquerque, Peoria, to Springfield(where I was born). I’m happy to see Pegram giving this a shot. I may be a charter, lifetime H.O.G. member, but I have appreciation for what you are attempting. Good Luck!

  • woooooooow that s a very gud model in2010 i think the bike is like a big size car