Ducati GT 1000 custom

Ducati GT-1000 custom
I’ve always liked Ducati’s SportClassic GT 1000. Of all the retro bikes, it has the most contemporary performance—and also a rarity factor. (Unfortunately, it’s going to become even more rare, because the model was discontinued last year.) Okay, the air-cooled 992cc engine is a little old school and there’s a slightly awkward gap between the back wheel and the seat unit, but there are lots of people who love the GT 1000—and ex-rocker Steve Jones is one of them. And despite it being a well-sorted machine straight out of the box, Steve has taken his SportClassic up a notch. A new exhaust and brake discs were fitted by Pro Italia, who also powder-coated the frame. MotoCorsa in Portland powdered the engine and wheels, and installed custom Öhlins shocks, GP Suspension fork cartridge kits and a Nemesis programmable ECU. They also replaced the clocks with a tiny digital job. The lovely polished tank, fenders and sidepanels were created by Evan Wilcox, and Duane Ballard crafted a new leather seat. Steve’s GT 1000 is now a real hybrid, with traditional looks but 21st century performance. Just the thing for carving up the canyons around LA. (And if this doesn’t whet your whistle, check out his Hypermotard custom.)

Images by Johnny Fisher; thanks to the Hellfire Canyon Club.

Ducati GT 1000 custom
Ducati GT-1000 custom
Ducati GT 1000 custom

  • Denis K Flynn

    Great looking tank. Reminds me of my Hodaka.

  • Backhome77

    Nice. That tank is a work of art. Not, as crazy about the side covers, though. I like the shape of the stockers better. Regardless, it’s still a great build. Thanks for posting this one!

  • uberschall

    Great looking bike, although I would have chosen brushed and clear-coated over polished. Chrome has a way of distracting from the aesthetic, and in this case – poorly showcases the symmetry of the tank and side covers. Slick, though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.levinson Rob Levinson

    Very nice refinement of the original formula. This is true “customizing” which is a very different thing from bolting on chrome eagles and such.

  • Darbone8

    Beautiful machine ! Congratulations.
    THANK YOU for not using Roland Sands ! LOL

  • Ken

    Love the B&W upshot picture.

  • BoxerFanatic


    Interesting alternative to that Sport 1000.

    Not a big fan of the scalloped side covers. Some unobtrusive triangular shaped ones would be fine.

    A lot of times, I prefer a black frame… but I have to say I really like the matte silver frame in this case.

    It is interesting that there is so much polished metal, but the little bar-end mirrors are black, rather than chrome.

    I know it wouldn’t be the essence of classic, but I think it would be interesting to see this sort of bike with a Monster S4R single-sided tubular construction swingarm, and forged spoke-design wheels painted similarly to the frame, with polished rim edges.

    There is at least one company that makes chrome-finish paint… I wonder what a bike like this with the Paul Smart style bullet fairing for the sport classics, painted ‘chrome’ to match.

    I do think a matte silver wide stripe on the top-side of the fuel tank might be nice, though… to save the rider’s eyesight from glare off the top of the tank, though.

  • Hugh

    While I appreciate cool angles and good photography, it is hard to get a full sense of the bike with the shots chosen for this post, save one.

    It’s a very cool looking bike despite the very contrasty images.

  • Kumo

    I know it is a biposto, but I dislike the rear end and seat.

    • Laurent Batisse

      I couldn’t say it better!

  • joe momma

    …i dunno…..the leaning pix gave me vertigo…..don’t they have any bricks in L A ….????

  • Riderjeff

    Evan Wilcox does very very nice work. Lots of work done @ Motorcorsa to pull it all together. It’s a unique GT.

  • KIK

    ugly, looks like someone bought a seat and fenders on ebay and put them on ..the. ducati is a beautiful bike all on its own.

    • bmwrider


  • justin

    The photographs are good quality but all the odd angles make the bike look like it is a collection of odd angles. Would like to see some less extreme angled shots.

  • Mule

    How’s the top of the bike look? Or how about a clean side shot to show the lines and/or “balance” of the overall package? I’m pretty clear now on what the bottom of the bike looks like.

  • ipisboy

    Yeah, I don’t know much about how the bike looks….would love to see the digi gauges and more. I know how it looks if I am about to be trampled by it though :-l Sorry to be a moan, it’s the first time I ever complained on here and feel a little guilty at being such an arse. But you get my point, I love bikes and want to see them, as much of them as possible.


    beautiful bike but, this looks like a ad for whoever did the exhaust. how about a shot of the bike from anything about 2ft off the ground?

  • Nmtb

    how come no chicks look at this site?

    • http://www.bikeexif.com/ Chris Hunter

      Around 25 to 30% of our readership is female.

      • Nmtb

        why don’t they ever comment?

        • http://www.bikeexif.com/ Chris Hunter

          How do you know they never comment?

  • Nmtb

    i love the two in one pipe must sound tight, evan willcox it the man when it come to aloy,
    a true artist,
    i also like that there is no gauges, clean look,

  • bmwrider

    looks killer….

  • rich

    Errrr – polished aluminum is *not* chrome. Please….

  • badcat

    what a mashed up mess :(

  • Guest

    As my old Grand Dad was fond of saying, “you’d complain if you were shot with a new gun”. If ya don’t like the bikes or the pictures try starting your own blog. Then put whatever you want and write smart-ass remarks and pompous, asinine pseudo-artistic critiques to your hearts content. This is a beautiful machine it is what customizing is all about no rules just results.

    • BoxerFanatic

      Funny, but I thought constructive criticism, or discussion of points of opinion, would be considered in the spirit it is given…

      And also funny, that usually if scads of people just post “yes”, or “+1″, they usually get treated as yes-men, sycophants, or people without enough knowledge to form an opinion.

      And if nobody posts at all, it would be taken to be a rejection by ostracism.

      I guess it is just a case of being criticized either way. At least criticizing the bikes or the photo composition is on-topic, rather than criticizing the other critics.

      • Guest

        As far as I know there is no topic so anything can be “on topic”. My point is that your opinion is a subjective reaction just like everyone else’s but you present your views as if they were quantifiable, objective analysis that could be agreed upon and can even take the form of constructive criticism.
        You can’t legitimately criticize this machine because there are no rules regarding customizing a motorcycle. Opinion is based completely on personal taste and has no objective or even rational foundation and should not be confused with some sort of generally accepted artistic principle.

  • Oliver

    Awesome, but couldn’t they have eliminated the “awkward gap between the back wheel and the seat unit”? This still looks strange in my eyes, or is this technically necessary?

    • BoxerFanatic

      That is a good point.
      I’ve long wondered why these bikes tend to have enduro-grade ride height.

      Couldn’t one fit shorter shocks in the rear, and shorter forks on the front, and bring the bike back down to earth, to a reasonable height that still preserves clearances?

      People used to drop the forks by raising them up through the triples… I haven’t seen that happen much in the last few years… the rear suspension seems to be getting higher, instead.

    • Eyeballengineering

      We were going to make it a hard tail, but decided to leave that to the 1%ers.

  • Oliver

    by the way – and it even got fenders…

  • elven

    Looks like fun to ride…. solo…. only tiny details to change for me. :-)

  • Andrew

    Form and function… forever debated. Let’s talk function first. The owner probably went to an aluminum tank because the stock unit is plastic and swells as it absorbs moisture giving it a lumpy finish and ill-fit. He probably went back to Ducati two or three times and then went looked for alternatives. Great choices all around. Wow, what craftsmanship with an English Wheel! The Ducati treatment of the monoposto Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE can’t be beat for finishing out this bike’s tail form, but if you want to ride double, the alternatives become limited. He cleaned it up from the stock form and matched the rest of the bike dead-nuts. But for me, some bikes don’t take to a static pose very well. To see this Ducati two up zooming past on a twisty road with a slender leather clad woman tucked in tight to the rider and it all comes together for my mind’s eye.

  • Scusamamma.it

    Well… I’m the only one that think it’s terrible?

    • bmwrider


  • fungo

    bellissima davvero! quanto è cafè !?!

  • Spooly-T

    Can someone please elaborate “tiny digital job”?