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Hattar NCR Leggera

Ducati NCR Leggera by Hattar Moto
I didn’t think any bike could get more extreme than the NCR Millona M16 we revealed a couple of weeks ago. Until Chuck Squatriglia, editor of Wired Autopia, put me onto this $140,000 NCR Leggera special. The stock Leggera is based on Ducati’s Hypermotard, but with a titanium trellis frame, Zard silencers, fully adjustable Öhlins suspension and a Brembo brake system. It weighs just 347 pounds—158 kg. This Leggera, however, is even more special. It was custom-made for a client of San Rafael dealer Hattar Motorsports, and the weight has dropped even further to just 300 pounds—136 kg. The bodywork and rims are carbon fiber and the Monster 1100S motor has been heavily reworked; rear wheel horsepower has been dyno’d at 116. (The bike still passed a Euro 3 emissions test.) Titanium is everywhere, and not just in the frame of this special: it’s in the swingarm, exhaust, conrods, cam-belt pulleys and more. Even the sidestand is titanium. The resulting power-to-weight ratio is similar to that of a BMW S1000RR superbike, but in a much lighter package. The owner, incidentally, is an experienced dirt-track racer—so he’s probably one of the few riders able to use this machine to its full potential. Get the full story and more images here.

Ducati NCR Leggera by Hattar Moto
Ducati NCR Leggera by Hattar Moto
Ducati NCR Leggera by Hattar Moto

  • mudplug

    136 kg ?! That’s incredible.
    The single front disc is intriguing, but they’ve got a point – the bike’s a flyweight (for an 1100), and with $3600 of top-level ceramic disc / Brembo caliper, that should be plenty.

    Thankfully they’ve got the styling so RIGHT: pared-down but still well-proportioned; and the semi-transparent blue paint over carbon-fibre looks delicious!

    Top marks.

  • WRXr

    Very nice. Transparent blue carbon looks fabulous.

  • no

    Passenger pegs were an odd choice, especially with that seat. I love the idea though, too bad it’s so expensive to go down this lightweight power house road.

  • Woody

    Beautiful bike, the sidestand alone is worth more than my bike.

  • Gary

    First I would like to say I love your blog. It is one of my favorite places to drool while learning something about a bike.

    In this post however I am confused by the sentence below. If it is lighter than the BMW S1000RR then wouldn’t it have a better ptw ratio?

    “The resulting power-to-weight ratio is similar to that of a BMW S1000RR superbike, but in a much lighter package.”

    Just wanted you to know that some of us are actually reading the articles.



  • I could probably have phrased it better: what I meant was, the NCR doesn’t have as much power as the SS1000RR, but it doesn’t weigh as much either.

    So the power-to-weight ratio is quite similar, which (in theory) should give similar straight-line acceleration.

    But because the NCR is considerably lighter than the SS1000RR, it’ll probably handle better and feel more manoeuvrable. A bit like the principle Colin Chapman appropriated for Lotus cars: “Add lightness”.

    Hope this helps,


  • It is very cool to see a company taking lightweight to this level; but a builder doesn’t have to go too far to tap into the capabilities of that air/oil cooled motor.

    There is still a market gap for lightweight bikes with either an air cooled twin or a liquid-cooled single.