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Ducati Sport 1000

Ducati Sport 1000
Most of the motorcycles we feature here are beyond the realms of the average rider (self included). So it’s good to occasionally drop a ‘real world’ bike into the mix—a machine that could be bought secondhand for a reasonable price, and remain a daily driver while being progressively customized. This 2006 Ducati Sport 1000 is a good example, and was built by MotoWheels in California.

Photographer Matt Walker worked on the bike, and gave us the inside line: “We used the Öhlins front forks from a Monster S4Rs, and also installed an Öhlins rear shock. BST carbon wheels were used to shave a ton of wait from the OEM steel spoke wheels. The brakes were upgraded using BrakeTech Axis rotors, and Brembo radial calipers and MotoGP master cylinders.”

Ducati Sport 1000 custom
To boost performance, a ZARD full titanium exhaust system was fitted and the stock airbox was ditched for a set of velocity stacks with K&N air filters. “This bike is amazing to ride,” reports Matt. “Ducatis always have a unique sound, but this thing is totally different. The lightweight wheels transform this bike and it handles amazingly well.” A little custom paint tops it all off, although I’d be surprised if anyone can tear their eyes away from that beautiful exhaust piping.

Ducati Sport 1000 custom

  • JWelsh

    Nicely done, Matt. Congrats for getting your bike up here! Nice shots, and a lovely bike. I’ll have to take it out for a spin next time I’m in…Love the old school gold lettering on black (reminiscent of Der Dirk’s Monster), and the many trick bits on the bike. Such a pretty package. All the best, Jason

  • very nice!
    regarding wheels: Would a forged aluminum (or mag) rim with ti spokes have enough strength? (would also like to run tubeless tires)

    The above wheels are great in function & appearance, but spokes on a black rim is timeless.

  • Really nice and cool.
    A sort of modern Café Racer.

    Maybe a double head-lamp set would be better, don’t know.

    It must be expensive!

  • Phil

    not too shabby…but all 3 exhaust angles are different ?

  • Nice bike, but within reach of the average Joe? Not if he tried to build it himself – carbon wheels alone cost thousands more than “average” people have to spend on mods. And as a “daily driver”? Not with carbon wheels on it. The technology is better than it used to be, and for regular use on nice smooth race tracks theyre’ great, but not to be trusted to last on pothole/obstacle strewn public roads. Even racers that don’t have to deal with potholes… run carbon wheels for a limited period before discarding them as potentially unsafe.

  • My understanding is that the latest generation of carbon wheels are more than strong enough for daily road use. BST’s wheels have been certified by several road compliance organisations, including the stringent German TUV body, and these tests include strength and fatigue tests.

    I think the price is around $3,500 per pair—not cheap, by any means, but in the context of what many Harley riders spend on ‘dressing’ their bikes, it’s not astronomical either.

  • Hey everybody,
    Thanks for the great comments. I have to chime in and say that this bike is a daily rider. We picked the bike up for about $6000 US and only have about $8500 in parts added to it. So its not as bad as most people would think, and as for the BST wheels, they’re stronger then most any factory wheel certainly lighter.

  • Jim

    A beautiful clean bike is all aspects except one. Perhaps that exhaust is an acquired taste. On first blush, it just isn’t me. An example of a welder’s art to be sure, but the angles, the curve of the lower pipe, the fat-ness… Conti’s forever!

  • Larry Kahn

    Very nice! Just needs on of my DUFUCKINCATI stickers for that last bit of class.

  • NDAna

    A ton of “wait” off the wheels. Really makes it go that much quicker or did we save weight. Either way an interesting pun/bit of irony?

  • The strength of carbon wheels isn’t the issue, durability is. Wheel failure at speed = really, really, reeeally bad day. Not worth the risk. Can’t beat them for “cool” value tho.

  • motobell

    Beautiful! Now that is what call a SportMODERN! I just want to replicate that on top of GT1000 with a modern dual side exhaust – a proper 2 up naked sportbike.

  • Ben-Bot

    This is a pretty bike, but I agree with Spdfrk, $14,500 is not an “average joe” price. Or maybe I’m just a below-average joe. As for Harley guys that spend that much and more dressing up their boats…that’s another discussion….probably not worth having.

    Also, there is something incongruous in the mufflers – they don’t quite seem to fit with each other.

    But it’s still a sexy Ducati and you can’t beat that!

  • neuroboy

    what jim said. an under-tail exhaust for the upper pipe would clean it up considerably and make it look way better. . . otherwise it looks fantastic

  • No HD chrome budget discussion? Alright…. $14,5 is close to what people will put into a new BMW 1000RR or R1 (exhaust changes to those 2 stock bikes and other aftermarket stuff like indicator lights). The above bike has a lot of great performance for the street.

    wheel strength? Spdfrk – I think cf wheels have gotten stronger for durability as well.

    It would be great to see a wheel manufacturer come out with a lightweight spoked wheel (titanium spokes, forged aluminum or mag rim). Repeated, but if it is possible, it might be priced lower than a full cf wheel with similar weight saving

  • 6spdXracer

    Regarding the strength of Carbon Wheels.
    BST fail rate= less than 1%
    Marchesini fail rate= 3%

  • 6spdXracer – do you have a referenced article? Are the total number of wheels studied the same for both wheel types & under the same conditions?

  • Christian

    A bunch of guys at the DMF run carbon wheels with no issues, though it’s not enough fun factor for the cost (you can buy an older carbie Monster for 3.5K) as far as I am concerned. Great bike, though…

  • Spooly-T

    Spdfrk, I don’t understand your comment regarding “durability”. I don’t think that is a material property.

    I love it when non-engineers tries to explain technical stuff.

  • Those mirrors are made by CRG, they’re called Arrow’s. We have them on our website.|Mirrors&vendoridtodisplay=0&filterFor=&collection=605%7CLighting%2C%20Turn%20Signals%2C%20%26%20Mirrors

  • Alex

    this bike is beautiful. i love the sportclassics and this is the best looking one i’ve ever seen. ready to sell it yet? want to trade for my 848?

  • Bald Shaun

    Beautiful machine and I love the exhaust! However, if $14,500 is too high, you could use a set of cast or forged wheels off an XX9, Monster, or many other Ducatis. Likewise, Forks from an S4 or S4R, ect. and you could have the look, and 95% of the performance for several thousand less.

    I haven’t run across any Ti spokes, but I went with Alpina Spoked wheels on my GT1000. Not as feathery light as the Carbon BSTs, but they maintain the classic look, are several pounds lighter than stock (@15 IRC), get rid of the tubes, and allow fitment of 4p4p Brembos.

  • Glenn

    Matt – nicest SP1000 I have ever seen! Quick question on the Tall Boy clip-ons: did you have to get longer brake or clutch cables to make them work?

  • Matt

    What is that headlight?!! :)

  • Looking to sell in Austin

    I collect 2006 single-rider Ducati Sports 1000 from 2006, their only year of production. Indeed, I have a sweet black one with the exact same Zard pipes (but the much better looking OEM spoke wheels), and few other odds and ends. The bike is the most fun I’ve had on two wheels with an engine between my legs. It is LOUD, but I’ve been stopped for my pipes. I have less than 10,000 miles on it (maybe closer to 7000) and I’d sell it in minute for $7,500 (it’s located in Austin, site of the Republic of Texas Bike Rally, the best in the nation and the second biggest behind Sturgis if you need an excuse to pick up the bike). Other bikes I have for sale if you’re interested are a red stock 2006 Sport 1000 with 2,500 miles, and my first one, a yellow/orange 2006 Sport 1000 with 1,500 miles and a 2-into-1 Termi exhaust. Finally, my 2004 Ducati Multistrada, stock with 2,000 miles, is also for sale. All my bikes have been serviced only at Ducati of Austin, and no service has been missed. Suggest a price and you can have all four for less than the price of a cheap Superbike from Ducati!

    • Ojboettger

      still selling any bikes?

  • interested in Austin bikes

    email me stillcantdance at gmail dot com please. interested in your sport classics.

  • JWelsh

    I love how every time carbon fiber wheels come up, some fool tells us how dangerous and overly expensive they are. Truth be told, I could never justify the asking price now, but they were the best of some $12K in mods on my “works/work” ZX6RR. My R6 riding, speed nut friend noted that it “turns like a freaking bicycle”. True, true. Lasted for 70,000 miles (when I returned ’em and sold the bike). After a crazy, cosmetic surface carbon fiber and clearcoat cracking pothole at 25,000 miles, too. Yes, I took the tire off and examined it carefully to verify it was only the surface prettiness. Relax and enjoy the ride. This ain’t your backyard carbon fibre build. It works. It’s proven. It’s stronger than anything else you can put on your bike.


  • dr death

    yup. carbon wheels are stronger than any others you can buy. haters….

  • mickcool

    Love the bike, the ducati sport 1000 is my favorite model. Everything you’ve done to it I would I done from head to toe. Except the gold plated business, I would black out the shocks or make em chrome like the pipes, but besides that, it’s a beut.

  • richard M

    A bevel luddite I be, but that bike is athing of beauty, y’ could use alloy or spokes if’n c/f is not you

  • Ojboettger

    Is it for sale lol?

  • Classicodomingo

    Hello there what headlight is it ?

  • Nice modification. Modern look for Ducati Sport 1000. Awesome bike and awesome work. Also i like colour combination black and gold. But I think for all this, you have to spend lot of money.