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Ducati MH900e streetfighter

Ducati MH900e custom streetfighterA few weeks ago, I read about this custom streetfighter on the Ducati Monster list. And then yesterday, a friend sent me a link to the same bike for sale on a New Zealand auction site. So I guess I should feature this stubby, purposeful-looking machine.

There’s an interesting story behind it, starting with a riding holiday and a 200-hectare bush fire. The owner, Andi Delis, then got to work and fitted a modified tank and forks from a 900SS, dirt bike bars and integral mirrors/blinkers. An Acerbis Cyclops headlight completes the look, along with a hand-fabricated instrument panel and chin piece. The asking price for Malattia is just NZ$15,995—around US$10,500.

  • Interesting, the SS tank looks like the whole bike has been squashed front to rear. There seem to be a few MH900E’s in New Zealand. I recently featured a wallpaper on my site too.

  • s0crates82

    yeah, but… acerbis headlights are garbage… I’d prefer a stack of squares or some nice hella parabolics, or a pair of dominators. ANYTHING else, really.

  • Josh

    Gorgeous bike, but it does need some more original headlights.

  • Ah, the wisdom of socrates…

    I, too, was wondering why a ten thousand dollar bike would have a $100 catalog headlight. Is “right in the middle in the front” a good place for cost cutting on a custom bike?

  • Everything looks nice and matched except for the “batman-like” grill under the headlight…. that looks like something my niece would bring home from craft day at her pre-school.

  • PS. to the builder,
    Please don’t misunderstand me, this is a cool bike. I like the shortened tailsection and symmetry of the machine as a whole.

  • elmaniempanado

    This is a great shit, I love the streetfighters, but I believe that to use a piece of museum that alone 2000 units have made to 15000 € the unit, is a crime. If you use a monster or 999 and copy the tail of the MH900 you do the same shit that we have just seen, For that the maske acerbis is horrifying. Repeat I love the streetfighters…… —- your fairing, streetfighterspain

  • Andi

    Hey guys, I am the builder/owner, all comments taken well, as for the Acerbis, we in NZ have very strict DOT approved rules for lighting etc so I was very very limited, If I could have freestyled a better headlight that was legal it would be sweet.

    elmaniempanado, it is only a bike mate not a human, it can be turned back into a factory MH900e over a weekend as nothing MHe has died to do the build.

  • Personal Preference Rating: 9.5/10

    Dope tank. Cool red rear view mirrors. Red framing matching the tank and fairings. Only thing I would change is the rear fairing. Maybe make it a little more sharper as it bends around the pipes which I love. Maybe make the rims black. Other wise, mean and stout like I like them.